15 Highly Compressed PC Games Less Than 500MB: (Direct Download)

Are you tired of your old rusty computer that can't run any pc games in it?

Are you looking for super highly compressed pc games under 500MB to play on your PC?

Are you looking for these:
  • Highly Compressed Games
  • Games in just 500MB (Download Size)
  • Free Download
  • Smooth, 60FPS+ Games
  • Direct Download Links
If your answer is "Yes", Then this post is going to help you a lot. We got you!

Since I am going to show you 15 best pc games under 500MB that you can play in your old pc for free.
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Highly Compressed PC Games Under 500MB (Download Links)

Here are some of the best 15 computer games that you can play with just 500MB:

1. Drift Force

drift forece pc game screenshot

"Drift force" is the ultimate solution for your racing games craving. In drift force, you can race in a heavenly different way and make your way to the top.

This game comes under the most popular pc racing games under 500MB and you will be damned once you start playing it.

Size: 443MB
Type: Racing
Graphics: 4.8/5

2. War Wind 2: Human Onslaught

a random wallpaper on war wind 2

This one looks sick and ugly at first but, trust me you are not going to get this kind of game anywhere on the internet.

This one is a real stunner.

Size: 423MB
Type: Flying game, 2D
Graphics: 2.1/5

3. Gone Home

If you are a high IQ person, this is definitely for you. Since you can investigate crime scenarios and solve a case.

Sounds fun right? Why don't you look at the stunning graphics you are getting in just 500MB.

Size: 492MB
Type: Horror, Detective
Graphics: 4.7/5

4. Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

rainbow six siege screenshot

Since your PC can't run the latest shooter games, here is the ultimate solution for your desires.

The graphics are way too stunning and mindblowing if you look at the size of the game(440MB).
Rainbow Six is a way big game to play!

Size: 440MB
Type: Military, Shooting, TPP
Graphics: 3.7/5


5. Spiderman 2000

spiderman screenshot gameplay

Who doesn't like Spiderman? Well, at least I do. I used to play this game in my childhood for hours continuously.

This Spiderman has the best graphics for 464MB game size and you can swing one to another place with your spider-sense.

Size: 464MB
Type: Superhero, Crime
Graphics: 3.8/5


6. Zombie Hobby VR

You don't necessarily need a VR to play this. You can enjoy the game with your low spec pc and show some creativity too.

Size: 402MB
Type: VR, Fun
Graphics: 4.5/5

7. Sim City 3000

Love building stuff? Try Sim City 3000, In Sim City 3000, You can literally build a whole f#cking empire all by yourself.

You can build houses, offices, long skyscrapers and make a profit from them and do many things. Imagine how fun is that would be.

Size: 450MB
Type: Puzzle, City Building
Graphics: 3.1/5

8. Sniper: Path Of Vengeance

As already the name of the game suggests, Sniper: Path of Vengeance contains gameplay where you can shoot down enemies with your long badass sniper rifle in just one single shot.

Graphics quality is best in the size range and you will love playing too.

Size: 470MB
Type: Shooting, FPS
Graphics: 3.9/5

9. Half-Life 2

half life 3 gameplay screenshot

Half-Life 2. You must have heard of this game before. Believe me or not, This single masterpiece is way beyond its timeline.

It's an old game but, it has graphics out of its time. It runs smoothly in any kind of computer and it also runs without any worries and internet connection.

Size: 436MB
Type: Shooting
Graphics: 4.6/5

10. Soldier Elite

soldier elite 2 gameplay screenshot

Soldier elite is based on the life of a brave soldier who is brave enough to die for his country fighting the enemies of the nation willingly.

Good graphics+ Good Storyline+ Good Gameplay= Perfect Game

Size: 435MB
Type: Shooting, TPP
Graphics: 4.1/5

11. Truck & Trailer

After all these fighting, shooting and gory games, Let me represent you the best truck parking and driving game in the world.

Where you can drive the truck in hurdles and play new missions to pass the test.

Size: 405MB
Type: Truck driving
Graphics: 4.1/5

12. Nidhogg 2

Its name is boring ain't it? Indeed it is. But wait. There's more:
Nidhogg 2 is a 2D game where you can fight demons in the other dimension and win new levels.

Size: 415MB
Type: Adventure
Graphics: 3.9/5

13. Ultra swings

a random car racing game screenshot just to fill the void

Just another perfect highly compressed pc game is less than 500MB that you will ever be going to find.
Size: 480MB
Type: Airplane simulation
Graphics: 4.2/5

14. Try Hard Parking

This game has a helicopter top view and allows you to park cars, vans, trucks in parking areas.

This game can be really tough sometimes. But hey, That's why we are gamers, isn't it.

Size: 411MB
Type: Car Parking
Graphics: 4.3/5

15. WWE Smackdown

Who doesn't know about WWE? Everyone loves watching those beasts fighting. There is way too much fun while playing them in real.

In WWE smackdown you can be any of your favorite wrestlers and you can fight anyone you want.

Who is your favorite WWE star?

Size: 477MB
Type: Fighting, Wrestling
Graphics: 4.1/5


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