10 Highly Compressed PC Games Under 300MB (Download): For Low-end PCs

Just a few days ago my friend was looking for some games that he can play with his old rusty PC within just size of 300MB.

Yeah, in case you have lost all your hopes, Hold on for a minute because I am going to name out some really awesome PC games in which are highly compressed and you can download it in just 300MB.

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First of all, I want to be very clear with you that, In just 300MB you can't just expect too much from these games.

Sounds promising?

Best PC Games Under 300MB: (300MB Games For PC)

The games listed below are some of the finest highly compressed games that you can download easily in just 300MB data:

1. Harry Potter and Sorcerers Stone: [258MB]

image result for 1. Harry Potter and Sorcerers Stone: [258MB]

  • Type: Adventure, TPP, Magic
  • Download Size: 258MB
  • Graphics: 4.1/5
The good old harry potter; Who hasn't watched their movie yet? Yeah exactly, It's everyone's favorite. If you are already a Harry Potter fan you might want to play this as well.

Just like the movie, It has got the magic wand where you can literally do the stuff like Harry Potter.


2. Hitman: Blood Money: [269MB]

image result for 2. Hitman: Blood Money: [269MB]

  • Type: Shooting, TPP, Stealth. Assassination
  • Download Size: 270MB
  • Graphics: 3.8/5

Hitman is a TPP shooter game, where you can be really stealthy by wearing different outfits stolen from the targets.

Go sneakily into parties and execute all the targets given to you using your double silenced gun.


3. Project IGI: I'm Going In: [210MB]

image result for 3. Project IGI: I'm Going In: [210MB]

  • Type: TPP, Mission-based, One man missions, Shooting
  • Download Size: 210MB
  • Graphics: 4.0/5
In case you are new to the gaming stuff, Let me tell you something really cool. IGI is the first game most gamers started from in the 90's it's really fun.

There are like 18 missions in the game where you will be playing as a special agent in a stealthy suit.


4. IGI 4: The Mark: [293MB]

image result for 4. IGI 4: The Mark: [293MB]
  • Type:  TPP, Mission-based, One man missions, Shooting
  • Download Size: 300MB
  • Graphics: 4.3/5
Loved playing IGI? If your answer is yes, then you should most probably go for this, which is the only IGI game that comes in just 300mb.

Yeah, they have upgraded the graphics a bit and missions too. You'll love playing it.

5. WWE 2K15: [271MB]

image result for 5. WWE 2K15: [271MB]

  • Type: Fighting, Wrestling, WWE
  • Download Size: 270MB
  • Graphics: 4.1/5
WWE... My whole childhood is filled with its memories. It's not just me, so many of you might be a fanboy of WWE.

YES, This game has got all of your favorite WWE players. John Cena, Undertaker, Roman Reigns... Everyone. You just name it. 😋

6. GTA: Vice City: [247MB]

image result for 6. GTA: Vice City: [247MB]

  • Type: GTA, Open-World, TPP, Shooter
  • Download Size: 250MB (may vary)
  • Graphics: 3.8/5
There is no need for an introduction here. Isn't it. Vice City is what open-world games used to be in the '00s.

You might want to try this as well, Incase you haven't played this masterpiece yet.


7. The Lord Of The Rings: [288MB]

image result for 7. The Lord Of The Rings: [288MB]

  • Type: RPG, Mythical, Story-based
  • Download Size: 300MB
  • Graphics: 4.3/5
The Lord Of The Rings might look lame in this picture, but I can assure you it isn't lame.

This is a dope edition of the movie version which has all the characters from the movie starting from Frodo to Gandalf.

You name it.

8. Hitman 3: Contracts: [249MB]

image result for 8. Hitman 3: Contracts: [249MB]

  • Type: Stealth, Assassination, TPP
  • Download Size:250MB
  • Graphics: 4.0/5
Hitman 3, The same agent 47 another mission.
You can play this game with you pc very easily as it doesn't require much configuration, to be honest. You can run it in almost every computer that has at least Windows XP

As usual, You can again steal wardrobes from the targets and wear them and go sneaky.

It's cool AF.

9. Prince Of Persia: [266MB]

image result for 9. Prince Of Persia: [266MB]

  • Type: RPG, Sword Fight, Arabian
  • Download Size:  270MB
  • Graphics: 4.7/5
Prince Of Persia is a super masterpiece you should play right now. Prince Of Persia a.k.a "PoP" was the trend back then in the 2005s. I remember, I used to play this for hours relentlessly and I was used to it.

Among all the games we have discussed so far, It has the best gameplay, storyline and most importantly the graphics Which you have already have seen in the upper picture.

10. Martial Arts: Capoeira: [260MB]

image result for 10. Martial Arts: Capoeira: [260MB]

  • Type: Fighting, Streetfight, Martial arts
  • Download Size: 260MB
  • Graphics: 3.5/5
Yeah, I know you already have guessed the game plot. Here you can choose a fighter as your avatar and now you can fight with the rest of them all of them one by one.

I must say, the fun in this game never ends and it's not as good as the mortal combat series but, Hey what else can you expect from a 260MB game?

It's pretty awesome at first and not that hard to learn the controls. Martial arts runs fine in almost every potato PC you can possibly imagine.

So Yes, It's time to stop thinking like a nuclear physicist and time to download any of these games.


Please let me know down below in the comments if you face any kind of difficulty in downloading games or any link that doesn't work.

and and and.. If you think we forgot to add any of your favorite game in this ultimate of 300mb games, please please mention them in the comments so that we will add them as soon as possible.

BTW, Which ones are your favorite 300mb pc games? (from this list of course)

And as always, Thanks for reading.

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