24 Best Android Games Under 50MB (2019)

Best Android Games Under 50MB

Since you are here, You must be looking for some awesome-cool-adventure games which are less than 50MB for your android phone.

Am I right?

That's the reason why We are going to talk about some of the finest high-grade android games which you can play in just 50MB.

(Scroll down to see the games and download them right now)

Best Android Games Under 50MB (Offline)

Here is the list of best android games under 50MB offline, That you can play without an internet connection:

1. Survival Island Wild Escape (51MB)

Survival Island Wild Escape

As the name suggests this game is highly focused on how you can survive in fatal conditions without any safety measures. You have to hunt down animals to fill your tummy and get energy for upcoming days.

Build shelters to sleep and stay safe! This game is just 51MB in size but it's worth playing.


2. Nova Legacy (39MB)

Nova Legacy

Nova Legacy is a legendary android game under 50MB where you can shoot aliens in an alien invasion. Nova is a first-person shooter game with very professional weapons to hunt down enemies.

A 39MB game filled with tough badass missions to play, What else do you need?


3. Vegas Gangster Crime Simulator (35MB)

Vegas Gangster Crime Simulator

What do you see in this photo? If you ever have played GTA VC you must have guessed it right.

Vegas gangster crime simulator is an open world fun game where you can do whatever you want to do.

Just like GTA games. In just 35MB! (Graphics is a bit low quality but hey it's free, Why not try it out)


4. Modern Sniper (10MB)

Modern Sniper

10MB game! Wait don't judge this game this soon yet.

There are hundreds of sniper games out there which are high quality but this bad boy right here is just 10MB in size but believe me you will not get as much fun this one offers to you.

You will get contracts and you will have to terminate the bad guys in a single shot. Sounds fun right?


5. Aircraft Combat (49MB)

Aircraft Combat
Aircraft Combat is an offline airplane action game where the game allows you to fly out in the sky and shoot the enemy aircraft.

This game is way more realistic and has good graphics and look at the game size- 49MB!

Told ya.


6. Prison Escape (21MB)

Prison Escape
As the game name suggests or you already have guessed, this game is brutally based on prison escapes.

You have to use your mind and plan a working method to get out of the ugly stinky prison as soon as possible.

Just make sure you don't end up being in bigger trouble as you can even beat the prison guards and get their keys.


7. Asphalt Nitro (38MB)

Asphalt Nitro

In case you are looking for a lightweight car racing game under 50MB, Asphalt Nitro is for you.

Other versions of Asphalts are more than 1GB in size but this one is quite the same as them and has the same cars.

The only difference between the Asphalt Nitro and Asphalt 8,9 is that They are just huge in size and are far more realistic.

That's all!


8. Auto Theft Gangsters (25MB)

Auto Theft Gangsters

Another open world game in just 25MB. The game map is not as big as you might think but this game is absolute fun as you can steal cars from the road and beat anyone you want.

Just don't get in the hands of the police!


9. Dunk A Lot (36MB)

Dunk A Lot

Dunk A Lot is the best time pass game out there in the play store. If you get bored in class, the internet run out or even if you are in a boring party, turn this game on.

It just takes 1 finger to play and you just have to tap and just like basketball you have to put the ball inside the net.

That's how simple it is.


10. I'm Ping Pong King (42MB)

 I'm Ping Pong King

Unlike the "Dunk A Lot" which takes one finger to play, this game "I'm Ping Pong King" takes 2 fingers to play ping pong.

Just tap right and left by predicting the motion and path of the ping pong ball and hit the ball at the right moment.

(Note: This game is way too addictive)


11. Red Ball 4 (56MB)

Red Ball 4

Red Ball was my favorite childhood game which I used to play all day long in my mom's JAVA phone, That's why I think you might this game as well.

Game is quite easy to play as you just have to pass from obstacles in your way to pass the level.


12. Dokdo (30MB)


Dokdo is a very popular ship game where you have to travel through the gigantic oceans to trade and make money and goods.

You will even find enemies and pirates in your way, So fight them with courage and take their loots as well.

That's how you grow rich, Isn't it?


13. Fishing Hook (49MB)

Fishing Hook

Looking for a fishing game? Want to learn more about fish and catch them, This one is for you since you can catch different fishes in the ocean using your bait.

You can even keep them in your aquarium or even can sell them in the market for a valuable price.

It is way more fun and time killing than you can think.


14. Fishing Life (46MB)

 Fishing Life

Well, "Fishing Life" is kind of same game but my friend: This one gives you calm and releases your anxiety in just minutes.

Wonder why?

Obviously, because of its calming musing. You can turn on the game and throw the bait as further as you can and catch fishes and sell them.


15. Egg Inc. (29MB)

Egg Inc.

Needless to say, EGGS, Who doesn't like them? "Egg Inc." is a master time pass game under 50MB where you can produce eggs from your chicken farm and sell them in the market.

Do you see the red button in the bottom, Yeah, Just press it as much as you can?

This one sounds boring af but you will know what I am saying when you play it once.


(Here are some of the finest android games which are less than 50MB and they are online.)

Best Android Games Under 50MB (Online)

Here are some of the best android games under 50MB which are online and you can play with a decent internet connection:

1. Soccer Stars (51MB)

soccer star

Just a simple 2D soccer game that you can play with your friend on a fine internet connection.


2. Carrom Pool (19MB)

Carrom Pool

A realistic carrom game with simple rules which you can play with anyone all around the world.


3. 8 Ball Pool (53MB)

8 Ball Pool

It's just like carrom but it's way too popular than that. Its physics is a bit different than carrom.


4. Mini-Militia (50MB)

mini militia

I don't need to tell you what's this game is about. There are way too many hackers in this game, I would suggest you download this game's MOD version to play evenly.


5. Ludo All-Stars (32MB)

Ludo All Stars

Just a simple ludo game that can be played by 4 players in the same time in 4 different devices.


6. Teen Patti Gold (40MB)

Teen Patti Gold

Indian card game lovers, Check this one out if you don't have real money to gamble in the casino.


7. Dart Masters Online (45MB)

Dart Masters Online

Dart throwing game! Be accurate and you will have more points.


8. Word Search Online (5.6MB)

Word Search Online

A fun word search game you kid might love to play. (I think you are way too old to do this)


9. Football Strike Online (45MB)

footbal strike online

Love playing football? Try this one out, It's just 45MB in size and you can even play this with your friend.



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