Since you are here, You must be more than 18 years old, An adult right?

I see you are looking for Games For Boys Of Age 18 to 21, Here I will tell you which games to play in your adulthood to be active as hell and to stay updated.

Here we will discuss 20 best android games for young men of age 18-21.
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games for boys of age 18 to 21

Games For Boys Of Age 18 to 21-(Best Online Games For Boys)

Listed below are 20 must play games for guys to play in their twenties, Which includes cars games, online games, offline games, action games:

1. PUBG: Mobile

 PUBG: Mobile

PUBG Mobile, You must have heard its name, You might probably playing this masterpiece. But, If you have not tried it yet, This is the time! T

There is a reason why I've put this in #1.

Type- Battle Royale, FPP/TPP Shooter Game
Size- 1.9GB
Rating- 4.5
Price- Free

2. Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty: Mobile

If you play PC games, often, There is no need to explain the legacy of  Call Of Duty games. This is the mobile version of CoD. 

It's more like PUBGM but, Is CoD Mobile better than PUBG? Play to find out.

Type-  Battle Royale, FPP/TPP Shooter Game
Size- 1.5GB
Rating- 4.3
Price- Free

3. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is undoubted "The Best Car Racing Game" in the whole play store right now.  If you love games for boys cars. Here it is.

Don't just listen to me, Try it, It's different from other racing games.

Type- Car race
Size- 1.7GB
Rating- 4.6
Price- Free

4. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

MC 5, Is the latest version of Modern Combat series at it's lit af. It has very realistic graphics and huge weapon arsenal.

You are going to have lots of fun, Killing bad guys with it.

Type- FPP Shooter
Size- 1.5GB
Rating- 4.3
Price- Free

5. Shadow Fight 3

 Shadow Fight 3

SF 3 is truly a game for boys of age 18 to 21. I mean it when I say it. SF3 is a revolutionary game and the successor of " Shadow Fight 2". 

If you haven't played both of them yet, You are missing a lot.

Type- Roleplaying, RPG,  Sword Fight
Size- 450MB
Rating- 4.4
Price- Free

6. Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing

The name might sound, Childish or the game is even childish and cartoonish but, No kids can play this game easily.

BBR is the one of the toughest racing game out there, waiting for you to play with.
If you never been to any beach yet, It has got it covered too.

Type- Racing
Size- 82MB
Rating- 4.5
Price- Free

7. Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier

The best bike racing game out there. Love bikes? and their sound? Go play this.

Type- Offroad Racing
Size- 86MB
Rating- 4.3
Price- Free

8. Dr. Parking 4

Dr. Parking 4

Dr. Parking 4, Is the one-stop solution if you are looking for a game where you can learn how to park a car without any damages.

Type- Car Parking
Size- 13MB
Rating- 4.4
Price- Free

9. Real Car Parking 2

Real Car Parking 2

It is also a parking game but it's " REAL". It has graphics as real as water in the ocean. The best graphics are waiting for you. 

Type- Car parking
Size- 500MB
Rating- 4.5
Price- Free

10. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

This is the poor version of PUBG Mobile. If your mobile phone can't run PUBG well, You can try playing this. Otherwise, there is no need for playing this. PUBGM is way better than Free Fire

Type- Battle Royale, TPP Shooter
Size- 413MB
Rating- 4.5
Price- Free

11. Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4

Toughest, offroad biking game for a reason. You will not get it unless you play it yourself. 

Type- Offroad Biking
Size- 326MB
Rating- 4.3
Price- Free

12. Iron Blade

Iron Blade

A high intensity, high-end graphics action-packed, sword fight game. Make sure your phone can run it.

Type- RPG
Size- 1.5GB
Rating- 4.4
Price- Free

13. Into The Dead 2

Into The Dead 2

If you love killing zombies, Here it is. The best zombie killer game, where you have to run and survive at any cost, 

without dying. Obviously.

Type- FPP, Shooter, Zombie
Size- 1GB
Rating- 4.5
Price- Free

14. Off The Road

Off The Road

OTR, My favorite offroad game, with very accurate physics and decent graphics. You will love playing it for sure.

Type- Racing
Size- 144MB
Rating- 4.7
Price- Free

15. Vector 2

 Vector 2

Jump, Jump, Dodge, Escape.!! 
Just don't get caught and let the chaser get you. 

Type- Arcade
Size- 100MB
Rating- 4.5
Price- Free

16. Case: Animatronics

Case: Animatronics

A hell of a HORROR game. I couldn't play it for more than 20 minutes. You will probably shit bricks while playing this. It's way too scary for boys of age 18-21.

Type- Horror, FPP
Size- 132MB
Rating- 4.6
Price- Free

17. BreakNeck


Racing game, just like any other. But, This is a space craft.

Type- Racing
Size- 328MB
Rating- 4.2
Price- Free

18. Bridge Construction Simulator

 Bridge Construction Simulator

Build a nice bridge, with given materials. Needs some brain though!

Type- Puzzle, Bridge Builder
Size- 94MB
Rating- 4.4
Price- Free

19. Dead Trigger 2

Stand-alone mighty zombie killer game with tons of realistic weapons. Put on your headphone and kill those nasty things right in the head.

Type- Action, FPP Shooter
Size- 544MB
Rating- 4.5
Price- Free

20. Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper

The One and Only, Worth playing sniper game, you'll ever find in the play store. If you have not played it yet, You are missing a lot. 

A lot!!!

Type- Action, FPP, Shooter
Size- 537MB
Rating- 4.6
Price- 0.43$


The above 20 games list is a collection of games a guy of age 18 to 21 should play in their younghood.

The game size details may vary from device to device which is totally relatable.

In case we missed some of your favorite games, Don't forget to comment down below.


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