Is Call Of Duty Mobile is better than PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Vs Call Of Duty Mobile

The long wait is finally over folks. Tencent and Timi have once again cast another game called "Call Of Duty-Mobile" or we can say "CoD Mobile".

Here we are going to discuss Call Of Duty Mobile and it's the first review. And most importantly going to compare CoD Mobile with PUBG Mobile.

  • Is Call Of Duty Mobile better than PUBG Mobile?
  • Does Call Of Duty Mobile have better graphics than PUBG Mobile?

Let's find out.

1. Gameplay

PUBG Mobile is already in their 9th season and they are pretty stable right this moment.

PUBGM is only based on Battle Royale mode where 100 players fights and only one wins the game.

But, My friend

CoD Mobile is currently based on only Matches where 2 teams each of 5 players fight off and the team which kills faster to reach the deadline wins.

But, CoDM has also had their own battle royale mode, which is just like the PUBGM

If you are a regular PUBGM player, It will be pretty hard for you to adapt the changes in CoD

Winner: Call Of Duty Mobile (For its new gameplay trend)

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If you are already a fan of PUBGM, I clearly don't need to tell you about its amazing graphics.

PUBG has remarkably realistic graphics and currently, the newly launched CoD Mobile can't defeat PUBGM at first.

That doesn't mean that CoD Mobile has ugly graphics. The graphics are very much realistic and about 10 times better than CrossFire and FreeFire.  For Sure.

Winner: PUBG Mobile  (For more realistic graphics)

3. Maps

There are currently 7 short maps in CoD Mobile for only for team deathmatches.

4 out of 7 maps are copied from "Black Ops" and rest 3 are pulled from "Modern Warfare" franchise.

Currently, CoD Mobile has only one medium size map for the battle royale mode.

(You don't have to download all maps separately. They come pre-installed)

Meanwhile, PUBG mobile has 4 big ass maps to offer in their game.

Where only 1 default map is available in the game, That means you have to download rest 3 maps separately and it is clearly optional.

Winner: Call Of Duty: Mobile (For having 7 maps)

4. Game Size

Not ignoring the graphics quality and the maps of both games, We can clearly see that PUBGM is still a pretty heavy game to play.

PUBGM - 1.9GB Download Size + 3 additional maps
CoD M- 1.4GB( Comes with all 7 maps loaded)

Again both games differ in graphics quality so, We can't clearly name a winner here.

Winner: Tied (Depends upon your taste)

5. Weapons

There are about 12-15 weapons are there in CoD Mobile which includes Automatic rifles, shotguns, Grenades, Sniper rifles.

More weapons are expected to arrive in coming updates.

Meanwhile, PUBGM has more than 45 weapons to have fun killing with, which includes weapons starting from Pans to Machine Guns.

There is additional "Air Strike support" and "hunter-killer drones" in CoD Mobile which is really badass.

Call Of Duty: Mobile has Flame Throwers and Rocket Launchers.

You can double tap on the map and blow off enemies away from them. Really cool, Ain't it.

Winner: PUBG Mobile  (For its  wide range of weapons)

6. System Requirements

Both CoD and PUBG need high-performance mobile phones to play lag free.


CoD runs smoothly in almost every mobile phone with more than 3 gigs of RAM, unlike PUBG.

You can't simply get high-end performance in just a 3GB RAM mobile phone while playing PUBG. Hence I'd suggest playing PUBG with a 4GB RAM phone which has a better processor.

Ah, You can play CoD Mobile with any phone with at least 3GB RAM.

Winner: Call Of Duty Mobile (For its smooth performance)

7. Firing Mode/ Buttons Set-up

PUBGM has only manual firing mode, in which you have to shoot enemies manually by tapping the firing button.


CoDM has got both automatic and manual firing mode.

In the automatic firing mode, You just have to drag the aiming point to the enemies.

That's all,

You don't even have to push the fire button, which increases accuracy by 80%.

Here is how button set-ups look like in both games.

Winner: Call Of Duty: Mobile (For having automatic firing mode)

8. Vehicles

There will be no vehicles in the death matches but you can find vehicles in the Battle Royale mode.

Nonetheless, It is quite rare to find a vehicle in the BR map, since the map is very small when compared to the maps of PUBG.

That's the reason why there are very few vehicles in CoD Mobile.

Call Of Duty Mobile has Helicopters to ride.

On the other hand, there are plenty of vehicles in PUBG to ride, which includes bikes, cars, buggy, Minibus.

But there are no helicopters you will ever get to see in PUBGM.

Winner: PUBG Mobile (for having more vehicles)

9. Skins

Skins are the most attractive way of getting involved with the players.

I don't need to mention the legacy of PUBG in terms of skins. They have got skins for guns, cars, buses, and even for the pan.

Meanwhile, CoD has also introduced Skins for weapons right this moment but they currently don't have skins for the players like PUBGM.

You can get skins for your favorite gun, knife, backpack in CoD Mobile

Hope we'll see more incoming updates.

Winner: PUBG Mobile


Both CoD Mobile and PUBG are pretty tough to compare and both have their own characteristics.

PUBGM is a simple Battle Royale game whereas CoD M is a tough casual match between two teams with 5 players each.

So try playing CoD as soon as possible and write down a comment down below, if we missed something.


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