Here we are going to compare both PUBG and Free Fireside by side starting from the Gameplay to Graphics.

Stay tuned and You will find out which game is better.

PUBG Mobile Vs. Garena Free Fire: Which Game Is Better?

To be very honest, In almost every aspect "PUBG Mobile" is absolutely better than Free Fire in every case. Since it has wonderful graphics, gameplay, player base, weapon inventory, skins, and vehicles.

But, Wait!

Not every mobile phone can run PUBG and that's the reason why "Free Fire" is trending on the rest of the mobile phones which can't run PUBG.

But there is more: There are still some reasons why you should consider playing "Free Fire" even if you are already playing "PUBG Mobile".

Here is the deal:


PUBG: PUBGM has unarguably the biggest gameplay mode in the whole play store which includes online classic battle royale mode where 100 people jump off an airplane in an island and the last man standing wins the game.

In PUBGM 100 players fit in one lobby whereas in Free Fire 50 players jump out of the plane and fight until one last lone guy is left.

War Mode 8 Minute Short Match 15 Minute Sniper Match Mini- Zone
Arcade Mode In PUBGM
There is also the availability of "Arcade Mode" which includes 4 types of gameplay to engage the players in one game.
  • War Mode
  • 8 Minute Short Match
  • 15 Minute Sniper Match
  • Mini- Zone
So, Yes. If you can't give hours to play PUBG you can try these arcade modes(like me). And believe me, it's more fun and top-notch action-packed than the classic mode.

Free Fire: Meanwhile, There is absolute solitude in "Free Fire" since there is no "arcade mode" available in the game, and has only classic gameplay of 50 players.
Winner- PUBGM (Longer game, More players and dumb bots to kill)

2. Does PUBG Mobile Have More Players Than Free Fire?

Yes, PUBG Mobile has more players than any other mobile game as it is popular in countries like India and China.
PUBG Mobile has 30 Million Active Players, 200 Million Downloads Free Fire has 5 Million Active Players, 50 Million Downloads

As you can guess, PUBGM has the largest player base in the whole android online gaming platform so I would choose PUBG over Free Fire in that case.

Winner- PUBGM (More players, more competition, more fun)

3. Which Game Is Big In Size?

PUBG is already on the top of the list for the big size android games and no doubt why most of the time people with low specs find the game hard to run in their mobile phones.

PUBGM- 2GB Download Size With 1 map (3 Additional)FreeFire- 425MB Download Size With 1 Map (1 Additional)
There should be a limit for the size of the games so that the majority of the people using average mobile phones can run the games easily(at least I think)

Winner- FreeFire(If your phone can't run a 2GB game)

4. Does PUBG Have Better Graphics Than Free Fire?

Yes, PUBG has better graphics than Free Fire and the only main reason why this particular game is so gigantic in size is because of the "Graphics" it offers. 

There are different graphics settings you will see in the settings which range from "Smooth" to "Ultra HD". (It's hard to run PUBG even in the "SMOOTH" mode)

 PUBGM is a very realistic game
Graphics Setting In PUBGM

I don't think you will ever like to play Free Fire if you have ever played PUBG on your phone before. Garena Free Fire feels very cartoonish and unrealistic as compared to PUBG.

But keeping in mind that PUBG is a huge game and Free Fire is just 500MB it seems quite fair to me.

Winner- PUBGM (No bullshit, No shitty unrealistic feel, simple as that)

5. Which Game Has More Maps?

PUBG is undoubtfully winning this round as It offers 4 dynamic maps to its players. 

  • Erangle- Default Map- (No need to download)
  • Miramar- The Desert Map- 300MB in Size (Optional)
  • Sanhok-The Rain Forest- 80MB in Size (Optional)
  • Vikendi-The snow map- 125MB in Size (Optional)
In the other hand, FreeFire has only 2 Small maps to offer which are very small in size when compared to PUBG.

  • Bermuda
  • Purgatory

Results are quite clear, Everyone likes more options isn't it? PUBG is clearly the best when it comes to the number of maps.
Winner- PUBGM (4 Maps in an android game, are you kidding me?)

6. Does Free Fire Have More Weapons/Guns Than PUBG?

No, Free Fire offers you about 32 Weapons to fight with your enemies whereas In PUBG Mobile you get a whopping 50+ Weapons to have fun with.

Again PUBGM weapons are far better realistic and legitimate than Free Fire and their sound is also excelling.

Free Fire has almost the same weapons as PUBGM but they are very childish and has no recoil.  How can a shooter game not have recoil factor?

I hate the game when It comes to the weapons.

Both games have these weapons in common:
  • Automatic Rifles(ARs)
  • DMRs
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Sub-Machine Guns
  • Pistols
  • Melee Weapons
  • Throwables
  • Shotguns

Winner- PUBGM (Its collection is huge, sound and effects are realistic)

7. What's The System Requirements For PUBG Mobile & Free Fire?

PUBGM- 3GB RAM, 16 GB External Storage, (Lags in minimum requirement phones)Free Fire- 1GB RAM, 8GB External Storage, (Runs fine in low Spec. Phones)
You need a pretty powerful mobile phone to run smoothly on your phone which is exactly why people sometimes hate PUBG. 

Even if your mobile phone qualifies the minimum requirement it is still hard to run PUBG smoothly in your phone.

On the other hand, because of its small size, Free Fire runs perfectly fine in a higher configuration in low spec phones and almost every mobile phone can run it easily.

Winner- FreeFire (Can be played in low-specs phones)

8.Button Controls Set-up:

PUBG has a better option in the control set-up. You can modify almost everything in this panel according to your choice.

Buttons control setup for PUBG MOBILE
PUBGM Button Settings

Again, PUBGM buttons look very professional and handy when compared to Free Fire.

Free Fire also gives a tough competition here as it has also the same type of button settings which can also be customized. So I don't see any clear winner in this case

Winner- Tie (Depends upon which you like)

9. Which Game Has More Vehicles?

Free Fire: When the matter comes to vehicles, Free Fire vehicles are totally unrealistic and you will not feel the reality or understand the physics used in Free Fire. Free Fire has about 7-8 vehicles including a boat.

PUBG: Meanwhile, PUBGM is too much concentrated to make the game as realistic as possible. PUBGM has about 12 whopping nicely built vehicles including boats.

Winner- PUBGM (If you are concerned about realistic feeling)

10. Outfits/Skins & Gun Skins/Vehicle Skins:

PUBGM comes with a whole new bunch of outfits including free ones and paid ones every new season. 

That means you can get you any favorite gun skins, Vehicle Skin, Parachutes and Clothes at any moment of the game.

When it comes to Free Fire the variety gets limited as the game is not as big as PUBGM which is totally reasonable in all aspects.

Free Fire the variety gets limited
Free Fire OutFits

Winner- PUBGM(Since It has got it everything covered)

11. Which Game Has The Best User Interface?

Since PUBGM is pretty huge, It has a lot of things to offer in its main menu. This is what PUBGM player lobby looks like and it is quite satisfying to see.

Again, Garena Free Fire is limited to its game size and there are not as many things you are going to find in Free Fire but, the UI is quite up to the mark.

Garena Free Fire Main menu
 Free Fire Main menu

Winner- PUBGM(If you are looking for large options for customization)

12. Is Free Fire Is Addictive?

To be honest, Free Fire is not as addictive as PUBG Mobile.

Simply, You become addicted to what you do most of the time in your daily life. The same thing applies here, After reading all the above 11 comparisons you can see that, PUBGM is a sure shot winner when it comes to battle with Free Fire.

That is the reason why there is a huge rate of pubg mobile addiction compared to Free Fire.

Winner- Free Fire(If you don't want to get hooked playing PUBGM)

Who Wins?

If you have a good high end performing mobile phone you should definitely go for PUBG mobile.

If you have a potato mobile phone which can't run PUBGM or lags on your mobile phone. You should try Garena Free Fire at every cost. You will like it.

Again these are other Battle Royale games you should check out right now-

Your Favourite Game wins. Simple as that. Peace out folks!


  1. There is no denying about pubgs better graphics. But the fast paced gameplay of free fire is what I love about the game. To me, a 30 minute match of running around is too boring compared to the 10 min match

    1. 30mins of pushing is madness lol than just 10mins....just get in a car with your boys and chase those shots lol

  2. Freefire better gun Skil . Pubg have no idea about gun skill and damage

  3. Don't lie to yourself lol...pubg is more realistic damage wise


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