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PUBG Mobile is a master addiction game and I strongly Feel it. There are many cases in India that kids and teens are seeking "pubg addiction treatment" to overcome PUBG addiction.

Did You Know: PUBG Mobile Has Crossed 200 Millions Players Worldwide and 66% Players Are Indians
I was also Addicted to PUBG Mobile and I safely recovered myself out from this thing. I used to play PUBG for 6-7 hours every day with my friends.

6-7 Hours! I am not kidding:

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7 Ways To Overcome PUBG Addiction: Quit PUBG In 7 Days Challenge

Here is what I did and some tricks I used myself and got out of PUBG addiction in just 7 days

Uninstall PUBG First

You may feel bad at first but hold your guts and Uninstall PUBG first. It will take you a few seconds to delete the game but this is the best thing you can do to help yourself from PUBG Addiction.

Believe me, stopping yourself from playing PUBG with the game already installed in your phone is like, walking in Sahara desert with a chilled water bottle and expecting not to drink it.

You will end up drinking it:

That's why uninstalling PUBG comes first and You must do it too.

Make A Commitment

Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you will not be playing the game or even try to install the game anymore. 

I know this sounds too cliched and filmy:

But hey, This works like charm.

This is the hardest yet easiest part of your journey. Here is what I said to myself:

"I will not be playing the game until I regret it" and It worked.

Develop Other Skills

When you are committed and you have nothing to do, don't just start scrolling Facebook feed. Find a new hobby and spend the time that you used to play games on something that will make you money and you find fun while doing it. 

Probably walk in a park in the evening without carrying your mobile phone and observe others:

You know what I did, I started reading books. (I am kinda boring one)

Be Ready To Ignore

Here comes the hardest part:

Right after you uninstall the game, your friends(squad) will force and may laugh on you when they will know you stopped playing PUBG and that my friend is totally natural.

Everyone resists change, Right?

But you have to keep reminding yourself that you are not going to play that damn game no matter what comes in your way. Just ignore them.

This isn't easy, as I already have told you. You gotta believe in yourself and you have to be aware that PUBG is a waste of time.

That's only when you can be ready to ignore laughs and sarcastic comments.

Stop Watching Gameplay Videos

Seriously, You might find watching streamers playing PUBG fun but this is not what going to stop yourself from the addiction. 

Who doesn't like watching Shroud hitting stream snipers? Well, even I used to watch him every day.

Block every PUBG streamer from your youtube app and twitch, say a final goodbye to them.

Stop watching their videos, It will give your brain a signal about that you don't care anymore about the game.
Believe me, mate, This is essential, every time those cringy PUBG video thumbnails comes into your screen, there is no way you can ever stop yourself from getting addicted to PUBG.

Be Proud Of Quitting 

You surely will start feeling great after a few days of quitting the game. In a world full of PUBG Players you will be the one who is aware of it and you are the one who actually made the way out of the real-life battle royale of time-wasting game. 

Every time someone asks, "Do you play PUBG?' Say a fancy line full of confidence in your reply. like, " I ain't playing that shit anymore! That's a pure waste of time."

and watch their reactions:

Repeat The Process 

Every time you desperately want to play the game, divert your mind to something else and remember all the points I mentioned above. Keep yourself motived and productive.

Not every other PUBG player is actually addicted to it. They just treat PUBG like any other game and they spend comparatively less time playing it.

Here is how you can play PUBG Mobile without getting addicted-

If you don't want to not get addicted and yet play the game, I would strongly recommend yourself to play the arcade modes.

I play the 8- minute matches and it's totally worth it.  I sometimes play the 8 minute short matches where the actual fun happens.


Do whatever you want to do, Just stop yourself getting addicted to the things that don't pay you for your time spent. If you get bored easily you can play PUBG Mobile but remind yourself that you will not spend more than 30 minutes a day playing it. 

Good Luck For A New Journey

Here is a downloadable infographic for you, which can make you stay in your path every time your mind tries to play that game.

I hope you like it.


  1. It clearly means even u cant leave PUBG as u still play the 8 minute game.

    1. Yes you can but, If you are actually a serious addict then I would recommend you to slow the process down.

  2. Im a serious addict and writing about it here.I had this installed in my two devices ,iphone and android. I did this to overcome battery issues. No i uninstalled the ios one and left the android installed and decided to play it only for an hour everyday that too after 12am. Trying it for a week if it does bring some change

  3. We should not waste our time by playing pubg . We should not even play for 8 minutes


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