After all these years of development in the gaming industry, we have literally seen the transition of the simple 8-bit games to ultra-realistic games, in merely 10 years. PC components got more and more expensive as the video games started becoming advanced. But, there are still outliers who still prefer the old school gaming.

For those who love the low specification gaming (without having to empty the pockets), our good old friend "Microsoft Store" comes really really handy. That's the reason why we are going to talk about 5 PC games on Microsoft store that are under 100MB.

1. Caesars Casino: Free Slot Games

 As you already have guessed, Caesars Casino is one of the best online casino games, you can probably find in the Microsoft store. If you love roulette and slot games, this game is definitely going to keep you engaged for a while. For amateur gamers and who have no idea, how to play casino games, This game also gives you free 100 spins, where you can try your luck.

2. Slither IO

Slither IO is a fun multiplayer game, that requires just 26MB of your data, and offers a great service to the gamers. You will basically start from nothing, and you have to survive by eating the smaller players than you. Pretty simple gameplay right?

Well, It's a bit more complicated than that, You also have to get bigger and more powerful than other players, otherwise, they can chase and devour you in just a few seconds!

3. Archery World Tour Legend

This game is a total stress reliever, all thanks to its awesome graphics that it offers in just 36MB, and it's buttery smooth animation. All you have to do is draw and shoot your arrows at the assigned targets. This game becomes highly addictive as there are a variety of levels with different features and shooting challenges.

4. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a first-person perspective game where you have to hit the glass obstacles and collect the balls while the game will get harder and harder as you move forward. You will have to strategically manage and collect the balls as those balls are necessary to move forward in levels. This game is about how far you can survive, and the game will only end when you are out of the balls.

5. Slots Era

Slots era is another blockbuster addictive game, that you should definitely give a try. This game is full of surprises for you and has Wonderful gameplay, sounds, and graphics that will keep you tied up in front of your computer for a long time. This game offers you 12 Million coins to you as a welcome bonus that will help you win even bigger jackpots and treasures!! Slots Era is without any doubt one of the best slot game out there, and you should give it a try, as it is free to download the game!

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