Finding the right games for the right price can be really really tough when you are short on budget, and it's frustrating to see others playing the latest game that is too expensive for us to buy.

But wait for a second, Is it always that all the good games are paid or somewhat expensive? or is it that there are tons of good fps games that you can play for free?

First of all, free first-person shooter games are very very rare today and there are very few games that are actually good shooter games and they are also free to play on steam.

That's why I did some research on the internet and found some awesome free fps games that you can play for free.

10 Free First Person Shooter Games For PC

Here are some of the popular and top-rated free F2P FPS games that you can play on your PC in both online and offline mode:

Realm Royale

Realm Royale

RELEASE DATE: 5 Jun 2018
DEVELOPER: Heroic Leap Games

Realm Royale is a free to play battle royale game developed by the HL Games which is an alternative game for Fortnite. In this game, you will get to loot dangerous weapons and you can even team up with your inmates and kill the rest of the server to claim the title.

This game is perfect for you if you have a low to medium spec pc and it can't run paid games like PUBG. I played this game myself and I was quite shocked by the smooth gameplay and character movement, and that's why this game is on the number 1 spot for this list.

Solaris 7

Solaris 7

RELEASE DATE: 10 Dec 2015
DEVELOPER: Piranha Games Inc.

Solaris 7 is a space combat game developed by Piranha Games Inc in 2015, which is quite popular among gamers because of its unique gameplay and intense space battles. I have personally played this game long way back in 2016 and I must say this has the type of potential you will find in most trending games.

Its graphics are not very recommendable though. Except that, you are good to go.

Nibiru: Prologue

Nibiru: Prologue

RELEASE DATE: 20 Mar 2020

Nibiru Prologue is the latest newly released 4 player survival FPS game that caught my attention recently. It has the kind of visionary graphics elements that you strive to see in some paid games. Despite being a newly released game, it has gained quite an audience and their reaction to this game is very positive.

Just look at that graphics, man, that environment gives me chills.



RELEASE DATE: 1 Jul 2014

Warface as you already have guessed is a F2P online FPS game that is increasing its massive fanbase ever since 2014.  Even though Warface is an almost 6 years old game, you can't seem to say that the game is outdated for 2020. The graphics quality is still up to the mark and gameplay is worth giving an applaud.

Warface, however, is a free to play FPS game that has some real intense PvP and PvE modes that you can play with your friends and teammates all around the world. Since this game has quite a fanbase there will be thousands of players online which means you don't need to wait for hours to join a game lobby.

If you hate waiting, this one is definitely for you.



RELEASE DATE: 27 Mar 2018
DEVELOPER: Thunder Devs.

Battlerush is an online multiplayer FPS game that you can literally play on any shitty computer without thinking about the game lag. It is a big open-world shooter game plotted on the second world war where you can roam around the map like a freak and kill some enemies with the KAR.

CityBattle: Virtual Earth

CityBattle: Virtual Earth

RELEASE DATE: 2 Oct 2018

City battle is an MMO FPS game that is based on the plot for humans Vs AI, where AI robots will fight for dominating the world and needless to say, the plot is awesome (along with the graphics). It is, however, a role-playing game where you can join hundreds and thousands of other gamers and be unitedly involved in the virtual world to fight the AI.

Transmissions: Element 120

Transmissions: Element 120

RELEASE DATE: 16 Jun, 2016

Transmission element 12 is a very short single-player experience game that is set in the half-life universe where you will get weapons that will defy gravity and you can even survive any free fall from a building. The plot is mysterious and the date and place of the plot is a secret.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2

RELEASE DATE: 1 Oct 2019

Destiny 2 is, of course, the OP game in this list and you probably have already played this before, and it is really an overpowered FPS game and totally deserves the praise.

Destiny 2 is a highly popular online-only multiplayer FPS game that has been played by millions of players all around the world, however, the game is based on space combats.

You will get the explore the solar system and fight different lethal enemies with modern high tech weapons. Truly, Destiny 2 is the definition of the futuristic approach.

Medusa's Labyrinth

Medusa's Labyrinth

RELEASE DATE: 15 Feb, 2016

Well, this one is for horror lovers out there. Medusa's Labyrinth is a realistic horror game that is given a mythological approach and it is also free and a first-person shooter game. This game is set on Greece where you will get to explore thousand-year-old catacombs and hidden locations where you find those things.

Jumpscares are guaranteed.

Block N Load

Block N Load
RELEASE DATE: 1 May 2015
DEVELOPER: Toadman Interactive, Jagex, Artplant

Block N Load is a team-based online multiplayer game that can be played with a total of 5 teammates where you will get to shoot the oppositive team players, all while making sure that you don't get yourself killed.

This is a pretty fun game for those who are looking for a lightweight free game to play to kick out the boredom.

However, if you are looking for some phone games to play with your friends you might want to check this article out

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