#18 Best PC Games For 4GB RAM PC: [Without Graphics Card] (2019)

I had a potato PC where I always wanted to play high-end games but my PC never could run any of the games more than 8GB download size.

So, Here I will name out top pc games that run smoothly in your 4GB RAM Pc even if you don't have an expensive graphics card

Here is what you need to run these games:

  • 4GB RAM PC
  • Intel i3 Processor (or similar)
  • 12GB Of Memory
  • Nah, you don't Need A Graphics Card

i3 processor 4gb ram ihd 4000 games

PC Games For 4GB RAM PC Without Graphics Card

Here are 18 best games that you can run on your computer with 4 GB RAM | i3 Processor | Intel HD 4000 Graphics | 500GB HDD or similar.

Tighten up your seat belts because I have added direct gameplay video links in this post, you can watch them right away, Hassle-free.

Let's Go.

Assassin's Creed 1-

  • Type- Stealth, RPG
  • Size- 2GB(approx)
  • Graphics- Old game with good graphics
  • Remarks- Runs fine in almost every computer with maximum FPS

Assassin's Creed 2-

  • Type- Stealth, RPG, Strategic
  • Size- 3.5GB
  • Graphics- Good graphics but kind of blurry sometimes
  • Remarks- Runs fine on medium settings

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood-

  • Type- Stealth, RPG, Strategic
  • Size- 4GB
  • Graphics- Fine graphics, Runs with low settings
  • Remarks- Can be laggy sometimes but totally playable

Assassin's Creed Revelations-

  • Type- Stealth, RPG, Strategic
  • Size- 5GB
  • Graphics- A bit better graphics than Brotherhood
  • Remarks- Runs well on low settings with some frame drops.

Assassin's Creed 3-

  • Type- Stealth, RPG, Strategic
  • Size- 7GB
  • Graphics- Fine Graphics but runs on low settings
  • Remarks- A bit laggy than the rest games but can be played easily

Far Cry 1-

  • Type- Survival, FPP. Shooting
  • Size- 1-2GB
  • Graphics- Runs fine in high settings
  • Remarks- Small game and runs quite good

Far Cry 2-

  • Type- Survival, FPP. Shooting
  • Size-  2-3GB
  • Graphics- Runs fine in highest settings
  • Remarks- Some say it has more details than FC3

Far Cry 3-

  • Type-Survival, FPP. Shooting
  • Size- 4-5GB
  • Graphics- Runs well on low settings
  • Remarks- Good graphics at low settings, with a bit fewer fps

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3-

  • Type- Shooter, FPP, Offline
  • Size- 5-6GB
  • Graphics- Runs pretty well in low graphics
  • Remarks- Good graphics at low settings, with a bit fewer fps

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-

  • Type- Shooter, FPP, Online/Offline
  • Size- 8-10GB
  • Graphics- Runs pretty well in low graphics
  • Remarks- May face some serious lags in online mode.

Grand Theft Auto: SanAndreas (GTA: SA)-

  • Type- Open world, TPP, Crime
  • Size- 4-5GB
  • Graphics- Cartoonish Graphics
  • Remarks- You must play this before 2020 (In case you have not)

Hitman Absolution-

  • Type- Shooter, TPP, Offline, Stealth
  • Size- 8GB
  • Graphics- Realistic graphics
  • Remarks- Runs well on low settings with minor frame drops

Grid 2-

  • Type- Racing
  • Size- 2GB
  • Graphics- Finest graphics racing game that runs in these specs
  • Remarks- Runs good at low specs with some frame drops

Lords Of Castlevania 2-

  • Type- RPG, Unrealistic
  • Size- 4GB
  • Graphics- Runs Smooth with low graphics
  • Remarks- Addictive hack and slash game. Runs good

Sniper Modern Warfare 1-

  • Type- Shooter, FPP, Offline, Sniper
  • Size-3-4GB
  • Graphics- Good graphics with some lag
  • Remarks- Runs pretty good in low settings

Sniper Modern Warfare 2-

  • Type-Shooter, FPP, Offline, Sniper
  • Size- 8GB
  • Graphics- Runs fine at low settings. Has the best settings and runs fine af
  • Remarks- Best sniper game out there, Believe me.

Sniper Elite 2-

  • Type- Shooter, TPP, Offline
  • Size- 3GB
  • Graphics- Runs fine at medium settings
  • Remarks- No lag can be seen

Tomb Raider Anniversary-

  • Type- Adventure, TPP, Offline, Explore
  • Size- 3GB
  • Graphics- Runs fine at medium settings
  • Remarks- No lag can be seen

Last words-

That's only 18 games I mentioned above When you check the game details form Steam or on the internet, you may find details which can be different from ours.

Game sizes differ for different computers so are the details.

I have personally played the above games and works for me, So they will for you

Check out this channel if you have a pc with 4 GB RAM. Here you can search for any game you want, and check how they will run in your pc.

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