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Battle Royale games are now ruling the whole gaming industry. No matter if it is a computer, PlayStation, Xbox or Mobile Phones you are going to find Battle Royale games almost everywhere.

If you watch streamers on Youtube, You may notice that Most Of The Time They Win.

Do you know why?

Here is the real deal:

Here, I am going to discuss 15 PUBG Mobile tricks that actually, work and by obeying that I win almost all the matches in every PUBG match.

PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks

The tips and tricks listed below are 15 one of the best tricks to master PUBG Mobile:


If you are not jumping from the airplane fast then you are probably playing wrong. Let me explain to you why.

When you jump as soon as possible at a suitable place then you are ahead of all the people jumping after you because when you jump early you are getting less enemy around you and you are getting more time to find weapons and time to rush around.

On the other hand when you jump at last your are also last in the game and other players who jumped before you will already be ready to take you down.

So next time you play PUBG jump as soon as possible.


As soon as you land on the ground to find the nearest house and rush your ass off. Even if lots of people have jumped with you and the enemy is running towards you don't risk it fighting with them barehanded. Believe me, it is worse.


This might not seem a great deal for you but believe me, this will save your life at least once.
When you are searching in the house for loots and hear the enemy footsteps don't just rush here and there to kill them rather hold and position with your weapons and sit still and wait for the enemy to come to you.


As soon as you reach a house next thing that you have to do is equip any weapon that is better than your bare hands.

 I mean buddy you are not the only player who jumped there, there could be an enemy rushing towards you to kill you easily so don't give them any chance and get any weapon that you are seeing on the floor.


This is the main factor that most of the players don't take seriously. Stability of a weapon is the ability to be stable when fired continuously.

Suppose you have an LMG and the enemy is on your scope but when you fire scope displaces itself.
Always remember heavy weapons doesn't have great stability like Automatic Rifles does have.
Always choose SCAR, AKM, M416 over every other weapon.

When you are in close combat situation use pistols because pistols have the highest stability and are also deadly when fired continuously until the enemy is down.


At first find a backpack at any cost, without a backpack you will not be able to equip things you need.

So if you already found a backpack then don't just pick up everything that's been shattered on the floor.

Some player equips automatic rifles and shotguns and carries ammo of SMG.

Even if you have a habit to equip everything than just throw down things when your bag pack is full.


Even if you are a prince charming and you can kill people with your looks you are going to need medkits and energy drinks in this game.

Find enough of Medkits that you need. Don't just pick every tiny medkit. Small medkits aren't that helpful.

Try to find bigger Med kits because when you are having a low HP you can gain your life very fast.

That's why I don't prefer small med kits over larger ones.


This is the main reason why players die just because of being outside the circle.
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As soon as you have picked your weapons and medkits look for the circle.

If the circle is very far away from you, Run as fast as you can without wasting a minute.

Don't wait for the circle to get smaller even if you are near to the circle.

Just before one minute of storm expansion you should be inside the circle at any cost and believe me there is 80% chances are you can get the yummy chicken dinner.


When you see an enemy moving unaware of your presence you probably shouldn't try to kill it unless you have more than 4x zoom sniper of a rifle.

Because a huge amount of ammo loss happens when you try to kill a target too far away from you.

It's not that important but I think you should avoid this to survive till last.


Another reason why 20% of players die in every game is the want for the supply drops. Everyone knows that those supply crates have highly deadly weapons and believe me this is a trap.

Usually, these crates are dropped by default on the locations where the chances of getting you killed are maximum.
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Because when to reach to get those weapons there will be less time to get back to the circle so consequently killing you.

So if you don't have a fully capable vehicle never rush for those supply crates


When you survived for being the top 10 alive then the actual game starts. Because when there are more people alive in a small circle it is easy for any enemy to kill you when you are not aware of them.

So to avoid this mind map the place where the circle is centered and run them and hide effectively and keep an eye on your surroundings.

While hiding you might see other enemies fighting with each other so don't pull your trigger so soon. Just wait for everyone to die. When there are one or two people alive find them and kill them by giving your best.

If you think we missed any main point then do keep a comment down below and share it with your teammates and friends to let them know how to play the PUBG effectively so that next time you play with your friends you guys win the Chicken Dinner.

Thank you for reading and don't be cheap to share this post with your squad and remind them how to play this game.

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