Sony Corporation had tried a unique approach to draw video game fans. It had decided to provide a digital video recorder and PS2 as a single device. It was Sony’s PSX, which was not a successful Sony product. The electronic giant discontinued its production in 2005, but users loved the games that came with it.

PSX games were a treat for video game fans. It was an expensive device that’s why Sony did not sell a lot of units. However, people played popular PSX games on PS2 and other consoles.

You can also try the best Sony PSX games on your PC if you download PlayStation1 ROMs. Which PSX games are the best for your entertainment? Let’s find out:

1.Tekken 3:

This amazing game was first released in 1994 as a 2D fighting game and it became an immediate sensation at that time. PSX came with the 3D version of this game. hyperbolic jumps, rich graphics, and great visual effects made it the first choice of many PlayStation players.

The latest version of this game was released in 2017, but players still love the classic Tekken.

The good news is you can download and play on your Android device now.

Get a PSX emulator and install it on your Android device. Search for PlayStation 1 ROMs and you will definitely find this game on the list. Exciting and fast-paced gameplay makes it an exciting game to play on a mobile device.

2.Resident Evil IV:

Unexpected thrills, scaring turns, and exciting gameplay made Resident Evil-IV one of the greatest PSX games of all time. Leon Kennedy is the main protagonist in the game, which is ap police officer. He is on a mission to rescue the president’s daughter. A terrifying cult is about to hurt her and you do not have too much time.

This game thrilled every video game fan with its scarring graphics and background sounds. It is like walking through a deadly town, where every creature is tasked to hunt you down. 

This game is the best third-person shooter game of the PSX  era. You should give it a try if you love thrilling gameplay.

3.Gran Turismo: A-Spec

It is not possible to keep the Gran Turismo series out of the top PlayStation game list. The third installment of this arcade car racing game is a great treat for all the racing fans. This game offers some great objectives to complete if you want to be a winner.

You need to pass the license test, participate in all the races and championships, and win every race to accomplish the challenge. This game rewards you with an amazing prize every time you complete a challenge.

Needless to say that it has great visual effects, great racing performance on the screen, impressive sounds, and the thrill of speed. You won’t miss NFS if you are playing this exciting game on your Android device.

4.Guitar Hero 2:

Experts credit this game for changing party games forever. The franchise was mainly focusing on bitchin rock/metal tracks when this game was first launched. This rhythm-action genre game entertained millions of people through its amazing gameplay. You can test your guitar playing and singing skills if you download and play this game!

Iron Maiden, the Rolling Stones, Suicidal Tendencies, Iggy and Stooges, and Megadeth were top-rated tracks included in this game. It thrilled rock fans and it will thrill you if you play it now on your mobile device.


It might sound like an unknown name to many, but many video game fans enjoyed this amazing game in 2001. It is based on an escort mission. You face many in-game puzzles and those puzzles solutions bring you one step closer to success. It is a simple, but a mind-boggling game that will test your intelligence and puzzle-solving skills.

Final thoughts:

Sony stood firm as arch-rival of Nintendo when the leading video game console selling company was ruling the market. It adopted new technologies and developed some great devices to support the best games. That’s why every video game lover knows PlayStation and its performance.

Pick the listed games and download PlayStation1 ROMs now on your Android device to enjoy these 5 exciting games on your mobile device.

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