Creating personal or professional videos for YouTube is not a simple task. If you have a YouTube channel, you should master the art of creating high quality and engaging videos. Your content is worthy, but video presentation is not good; this is probably the reason why your YouTube channel is not getting enough exposure or popularity. Moreover, you need to catch the attention of the viewers instantly. If your videos start abruptly without a proper introduction, people may not watch the full video. When there is an attention-grabbing introduction, people will find interest in watching the videos.

So, an intro to the videos for your YouTube channel is important. These days, it is not difficult to create an interesting and unique video intro. The availability of various free and premium intro maker as well as outro maker tools has made things convenient for the content publishers on YouTube. Before going to the details of creating an introduction for videos, let us find some benefits of adding a smart and crisp video intro.

Advantages of Creating Video Intros

Is it worth your time to create an introduction for your YouTube videos? If you have this question in mind, you can find the benefits of using video intros in the following section.

  • An introduction of your video is an assurance for quality content to the viewers. An interesting intro shows that the content creator gives enough time to create the videos. Hence, there will be something worthy to watch for the viewers.
  • A video intro gives you a brand identity. It makes users familiar with your brand. Whenever people think about your YouTube, they would visualize the intro.
  • Many viewers have the habit of judging a video through the introduction part. If the intro is not interesting, they close down the video after watching it for a few seconds. A good introduction to videos creates positive expectations in the minds of such viewers.

Steps for Creating Video Intros

How to create an interesting intro for the videos of your YouTube? Creating an intro will not be a complicated affair for you if you follow a few steps. In the following section, those steps have been discussed.

1. Choose a Professional Intro Maker Platform

The first thing is to find a professional and reliable intro maker platform. The task would not be daunting for you, as there are a lot of such platforms or tools available. You can search Google to find some of them. In forums and social media platforms, you can also ask people for recommendations to the video intro maker tools. There are two types of tools for the content creators, and they are free tools and pain tools. When you choose an intro maker tool, you need to keep the following things in mind.

  • The intro maker platform should offer an extensive collection of templates for making introductions for videos.
  • The tool must offer flexibility for customization. To produce unique video intros, you need to customize the existing templates.
  • Free tools are good for beginners. Options will be limited too for free users. The intros could come with watermarks. Hence, opting for the premium tools is always recommended.

2. Choose a Template for Video Intro

Once you sign up with an online video intro maker tool, you need to find the templates that the tool has to offer. An easy intro video maker tool may give hundreds of intro video templates. There are free templates, and there are premium templates. Which one is better for professional YouTube channels? Obviously, the premium templates are recommended for professional content creators. Free templates are frequently used, and thus they would not provide uniqueness to your video intro. It is essential to create a unique and attention-grabbing intro for better brand exposure. When it comes to choosing a template for creating video intros, you should keep the following things in mind.

  • Before purchasing a premium template for video intro, you must check the preview. If the preview is interesting, you should proceed to buy the template.
  • You should choose a template that is related to your YouTube channel contents. The intro should complement the brand name or channel name of your business.
  • Read all the details and features of a template carefully, before purchasing the template.

3. Customization of the Intro Video

The third step is the most crucial step for creating an introduction for a YouTube video. The online video maker tools offer a dashboard to the users. On your dashboard, you can create a personalized video intro with a template that you have purchased. There could be endless customization options. Different platforms offer different ranges of options for customization. Needless to say that choosing the tool that provides better customization is always beneficial. It is not difficult to understand the customization options even for novice users. Navigate different options to see customization effects. When you like a particular effect, you can keep that by saving the video at that stage.

4. Add Text and Logo

You can add texts to an introduction video. You need to choose a template that allows you to add texts. When adding texts and other customizations have been done, you need to add the channel logo to the video. If you do not upload the logo, you shall find that the sample logo is visible on the video intro. You just have to upload the PNG file of your logo.

5. Save and Download

When customizations are done, you need to give a final check to the video. There will be an option for watching the preview, and you need to click on that option. The preview will start for your video intro. If everything looks good, you should save the video intro. The next step is to download the video. There will be an option for downloading the video on the dashboard of the intro maker tool. Click on that download option to download the video on your local hard disk drive. Now, you can use this introduction for your videos for the YouTube channel.


Creating intros is not daunting if done correctly. Check the forums for good and affordable tools and enjoy the process.

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