How To Propose A Girl In School: Ask Her To Be Your Friend

Back in my school days (not so old), I used to be the shy, mysterious guy who used to sit alone in a corner, and the whole class used to wonder, "what is going on in his head?" even my crush!

I had a crush on a very cute girl (the first love of my life) for almost 4 years and guess what, she had no idea about all this. Eventually, days passed and as we grow up together in the same classroom and I still couldn't tell her that I loved her.

One day, out of peer pressure, I gathered all my nerves and somehow told her and she said a HUGE YES.

I exactly followed these magical tips that helped me overcome the fear and propose her which made her say YES.

How To Propose A Girl In School: Both Directly & Indirectly

Here are 7 super awesome steps you must follow, to propose the cute girl you like from the school and make her your friend:

1. Look For Hints (eye contact, smile, behaviors)

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There is only one solid way you can determine, whether a girl likes you or not is by looking for hints.

  • Does she smile at you sometimes?
  • Is she shy around you?
  • Do you feel "something" during eye contact with her?
  • Does she laugh at your jokes?
If most of your answers from all those questions are "YES", there is a huge possibility that she likes you too. The only guy that can actually tell about this is "you". Go figure it out yourself(if you haven't yet).

2. Buy Her Nice Chocolates

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Everyone likes chocolates! Even my pet turtle "poodle" loves snickers. You don't have to get fancy, just buy some chocolates she might actually like to eat(send me one, if possible).

The best thing about chocolates is, "no one hates them", and you can give to her without even proposing her.

Cool right? 

Frequently give her chocolates in the class and develop a friendship with her.

3. Write A Unique Love Letter For Her

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Now, your preparation for the war is almost over, you have been giving her chocolates for days now and she kinda trusts you now. What's next?

Write a unique love letter for her!  Write something cool, cute, nice that will make her feel special.

Make sure you don't copy the whole thing from the internet! Write it with your feelings with a human touch. That's all you gotta do.

4. Buy Her A Gift She Can't Refuse

This is by far the most complicated thing you will wonder your whole life and still, never can figure it out.

Gift! The word itself is scary. It's demonic. I hate gifts.

But you still gotta give something to her right? There is no sure-shot thing to gift girls.

Every other girl has a very different taste.

  • Some like to read romantic novels
  • Some are food junkies
  • Some like deodorants
  • Some are happy with a ring!
Know the girl and figure out yourself or you can just ask it to one of her close friends. Easy peasy.

5. Plan Everything Yourself (Note: Don't Include Your Friends)

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Believe me, when you are in your school days the worst thing you can expect your buddies is to get help in proposing the girl.

They'll do the total opposite of what you asked them to do. One of my friends already had a crush on my crush so he decided to become an obstacle in my way by spreading rumors around the school that "I am gay".

Don't want this to happen? Don't even think about telling your relationship goals to your friends and how you are going to achieve them.

They'll ruin the whole thing!

6. Choose A Right Place To Propose

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Since you are probably in the school right now, I won't advise you to take your crush to a bar and propose her while dancing.

If this is your first time with a girl, you should make sure there is no one around two of you. Which means that "you need to find a place where you two of you can be alone".

It can be an empty parking lot, school background, on the road, anything!

Or if you are daring enough, you can do it in the school hall. No big deal.

7. Propose The Girl

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The ultimate nightmare of almost 37.45% of humans beings is here. The propose day! Even your boi(me!) is still scared as shit to get a girl. It happens, nothing wrong about it!

Here is the quick summary so far

  • You know her, she knows you.
  • You smile at her, she smiles at you.
  • You both eye contact sometimes.
  • She laughs at your jokes.
  • You give her chocolates sometimes.
  • You think she likes you too.
  • You didn't tell your friends anything about it
  • You found the perfect place for it.
  • You wrote a letter and bought a gift for her.

If you are shy you can tell it quietly in her ears. If you are confident you can even shout it out loud in the microphone in front of the whole class.

There is no point in doing all this stuff and ruining the whole plan just because you are a pussy. Figure it out yourself and do it.

6 Things To Remember While Proposing Her

1. Be Prepared. and be ready for all the outcomes you can see. You can't just knock the opportunity's door and not be ready.

2. Don't Try To Show Off. There is no point in pretending as the guy you are not. Embrace your reality and make peace with it. There is no point in showing off.

3. It's Okay If She Says NO. If she says NO, pretend you were just being funny and change the topic. Respect everyone's decision and in fact, you should feel sorry for her as she lost someone that actually liked her.

4. Don't Get Nervous, Just Smack It. Life is too small to get nervous over proposing a girl. Get your stuff quickly, and leave without any traces.

5. Be Yourself. You don't need to change in order to make someone feel good or comfortable. Be what you are and attract people with your charisma and confidence.

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