How To Chat With Girlfriend On WhatsApp: (Topics To Discuss)

Girlfriends! Man, they are tough. It's hard to understand what is going on in their minds So it is unbelievably difficult for a guy to approach them.

There are thousands of articles out there on "how to chat with girls" which says almost the same thing: Impress her, know her, love her, make her feel special. But, You already know this. What's special about it? NOTHING

That's why here you are going to learn:
  • How to chat with a girlfriend on WhatsApp (on the text).
  • How to impress your girlfriend on Whatsapp (without looking like a douche).
  • Topics to chat with your girlfriend on WhatsApp.
  • How to talk to her, without getting into any troubles
Let's hop in! Shall we?

How To Chat With Girlfriend On WhatsApp

Girls are pretty easy to understand if you are being genuinely interested in them. Again, texting is a thousand times better than phone calls and video calls, because it gives you an extra advantage to taste your words before you type them down. Text about their likings, their hobbies, their pets, what they like to eat.

Here is how you should actually text your girlfriend, without getting into any troubles:

1. Send Her Dedicated Songs That She Might Relate To

Everyone likes music, isn't it? There must be some awesome romantic songs that both of you can relate to, right?

Why don't you send it to her, man? 

Don't send too many songs at once or regularly, just make sure you send the perfect song to her every single time.

She'll love it!

2. Movie's Logic Doesn't Work, Don't Even Try Them

The number one mistake people make, in their first-time relationships, is that they act as if they are in some movies. If you watch rom-com movies or read romantic novels, you are more likely to act romantic.

Try to be as authentic as you can. Believe me, truth and authenticity will make things easier for both of you.

3. Don't Show-Off (about how cool you are)

Most people like to show-off. Who doesn't like to show-off anyway? It's a very natural human behavior that other humans hate a lot.

Show-off is probably the only thing people like to do but hate to watch others. So, Why bother showing off?

I have seen so many people bragging about how rich they are or how cool they can draw or how many girls they have dated. I am always like, "Why the fuck are you telling me this?"

Showing off causes hatredness, jealousy and negative impression.

4. Talk About Things That Are Relevant To Her

Simply, talk about stuff she knows a lot about or she is very much interested in. Like, if she is a good musician and loves to play music, there is no point in discussing quantum mechanics with her.

Don't talk about stuff she doesn't understand. It's not cool!

You can't impress people with stuff that is totally irrelevant to them. It just doesn't make any sense. Even if you do, she'll most likely to pretend as if she is actually interested in it but, It's fake!

5. Keep Things As Simple As Possible

To be honest, Life is way too simple, it's us-- the people that make it complicated with fake shit, show-offs, fake accents, fake clothing, and lies.

If you are broke as shit, why would you even think about showing only the fake rich mask to the girl you love.

There is no place for fakery in love.

Everyone-- every single guy/girl you have lied to have made a totally different picture of you in their minds. If you fake, you are no longer the person that you promised to them. You become a stranger!

Think before lying to her, It'll only make things complicated, Nothing else.

6. Politely Decline If Something Bothers You

If you properly read the 4th point, you probably won't need a description for this. The beginners, when they make girlfriends for the first time, they put so much effort and time in them, these boys are ready to do whatever the fuck their girlfriend says or accepts what they say.

Isn't it the same fake shit? Of course, it is!

In, love both the girlfriend and the boyfriend makes 50-50 contribution to the bond they form. Why should anyone even lose their importance for love?

If she says something, that doesn't sound right or makes you feel offended or makes you feel like unimportant, you have all the right to decline it, but like a gentleman.

7. Know Your Importance (have your self-respect)

Most times, people confuse "self-respect" with "ego". Self-respect is something, that everyone should wear like armor. 

If anything that sounds like disrespecting or make you feel like you are unwelcomed, you should not be laughing with your teeth out.

Before you act, think twice as it may be your ego that is screaming!

8. Send Her Memes

Well, that's the easiest thing you can do. Who doesn't like to scroll Facebook and watch fresh memes these days?

Don't know what memes are? You are probably too old to have a girlfriend!

If you find any unique kind of meme that is hilarious, you should send it to your girlfriend.

9. Ask About Her Friends, Family & Pets

Who doesn't like to talk about their family, friends, and dogs? Well, atleast I do.

That's why the best thing you can possibly do to avoid any weird moments with your girlfriend is to talk to her about the stuff she loves to much.

Ask her about her bestie, how many years are they together, what do they do in their free time, and stuff.

If she has a pet dog, ask her what's its name, how old it is, and don't forget to admire the dog.

This one is not only limited to her dogs and friends, but you can also admire anything she loves and she'll definitely love you back for it.

The trick is as simple as that.

10. Never Ask About Her Ex-Boyfriends (never!)

You might be insanely curious to know about her past love life as an astrophysicist but believe me, you don't want the consequences.

She might have just overcome from a bad relationship, maybe she was depressed, maybe her previous boyfriend died in cancer. Why would you care to poke those pimples?

Let the days pass and when you get comfortable with each other you may ask this without even thinking. And she'll tell you the truth.

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