How To Ask A Girl For Her Number: (On Instagram, Tinder, Facebook)

asking girl for number

Asking a girl's phone number is still a dream to many guys- even in 2019. Well, to be honest, asking for a girl's phone number is hard, and it takes a hell lot of confidence to do it.

  • What if she says"NO"?
  • What if she unfriends me?
  • What if she already has a boyfriend?
  • What if she insults me right away?
These are some of the most asked questions raised by your brain when you see a cute girl and want to have her phone number.

Your brain is not lying. This shit is actually scary af!

How To Ask A Girl For Her Number Online On Text

Here are some of the best well-known tricks that work every single time, to get any girl's phone number instantly. You don't believe me?

1. Can I Borrow Her Number From My Friend?

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Well, First of all, "THAT'S EASY". If you already know someone, who already knows that hot chick on Instagram, It's always the easy way to get her phone number. Isn't it? I know it's easy.

Imagine this situation, You have been stalking a girl for a month on Instagram now, and one of your friends already knows her very well and your friend has her phone number. You ask your friend her phone number and he happily gives that to you. 

Now you text her on WhatsApp and she's like, "Who the fuck is he?, Why is he texting me?"

Let me tell you something, "Girls hate people who have their phone numbers, without permission".


Asking a girl's phone number is not quantum physics(hard). Are you worthy enough for her

How do you gonna do it then? Let's move to the next tip.

2. Should I Text Her On Instagram Then?

YES, What other options do you have left anyway? The only way to know her and get her phone number is by winning her trust.

how to introduce yourself to a girl

Here are some useful tips to remember while texting her

  • Stop stalking her account and text her "Hi"
  • Like a few of her old pictures.
  • Try not to look like perverted douche.
  • Don't ask her number right away, She won't give you.
  • Build trust in her
  • Talk to her for a few days

Find something to talk with her, behave like a gentleman, ask what she likes, ask what are her hobbies. Even talk about her grandparents, ask her whether she likes dogs. Make her feel really really important.

Trick to get into any girl's heart is in "Making them feel important", Talk about her, to her. Everyone loves themselves first, Isn't it smart to admire the person they love the most?

3. Know Her Type (and Your League)

Is she hot? Is she a nerd? Does she loves books or likes to wear trendy clothes? What is she like?

Scroll through all of her pictures and find out what kind of person she actually is, this will definitely help you to understand the right way to approach her.

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For instance: If she is really really hot(somewhat looks like Alexandra Daddario) and in all of her pictures she is wearing non-repetitive trendy clothes or if she poses like a model, Then you need to understand that she is not going to be impressed with you easily with the regular stuff. 

Moreover, if you are ugly and poor at the same time, It's always better to step out of the game. Because she probably doesn't owe shit to you.

That's why It is always essential to recognize your league, the zone where you fit right in. In case you are feeling heartbreak by now, believe me, my friend, this is the sour truth no one is ready to hear.

If you are both rich as phuck and good looking as "Tom Cruise", the "League" thing doesn't exist for you. There is nothing out of the league for you.

Legends prefer women "a little out of the league". And that's true. Who doesn't like women prettier than themselves? But, Knowing the league is really important.

If you are neither that handsome nor that ugly, You can easily ask any girl's phone number and make out, as many as you want, if she is in your league.

4. Do You Have Anything That She Might Need You For?

It's fine if you want to make out with her. That's the number one thing most guys out there doing. But do you have any specialties? How can you help her out? Does she ever need you in the first place? or Are you just another phuckboi?

Since you are already halfway through this article, chances are you must be a smart, somewhat shy, caring guy. You must have something----- anything in which she might be interested in.

Find what she likes, and see if you have something in your cookie jar that she might be interested in.

how to ask any girl's number on instagram and tinder

  • Does she have the same music taste as yours? Why don't you share your playlist with her?
  • Does she like photography? Why don't you show her your clicked pictures?
  • Is she interested in physics? Why don't you ask her for some notes?
  • Is she interested in you? Why don't you tell her about yourself?

4. Why Her Phone Number Shouldn't Be Your Priority

I think it's funny how people are so concerned about a phone number. What are you going to do with her number anyway? Sell it on eBay? Give the number to your granny?

If you actually trying to hit on her, to make her your love of your life, then you should really really need to focus on how to get her heart, not her number.

If she actually finds you as a worthy guy, she might as well ask you to exchange her numbers. No, I am not kidding.

Until then, all you gotta do is, stay connected with her whatever medium you find. What's wrong with texting on Instagram? You can do more stuff on Instagram than her Whatsapp number.

5. How To Ask A Girl For Her Number On Instagram?

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As I already said that the way of approach to ask a girl for her number differs for every other girl. For instance: If she is a hot girl with 1303 posts on her wall, you gotta find that one thing she might be really really interested in. 

If she likes playing guitar, talk about guitars as if you are actually a guitar enthusiast. Now after talking to her for days, you have to create a bond of friendship and trust with her. There is no way, I can explain that to you because this bond you and she created can be felt by both sides.

Once you are on that level, You just gotta ask her decently if she wants to exchange her number. That's all you need to do.

Things to remember while asking for number exchange
  • Be very polite while asking.
  • Suggest her, to give her number to you. Don't ask!
  • It's okay If she says NO.
  • Try to act cool, don't show any weakness.

6. Try This Trick To Get Any Girl's Number

NO, This is not a clickbait. When you ask a girl for her number there is a very small chance of getting the thing you asked for. If she is not interested, she'll definitely say no.

But, What if I say she'll give you her number, even if you don't ask for it?

Here is how you can do it with 100% accuracy

You must be somewhat familiar to her. This trick may not work if you are a total stranger to her. Make sure you are strictly following the above points.

  • First, get to a point where she actually might need something from you. After that, give your number to her, and say "Call me if you need something".
  • Now, She is most likely to give her number to you, as a courtesy.
  • If she doesn't, ask her if it is okay to have her number.

how to ask a girl's number on instagram

Believe me, This trick works all the time (for me) because it is a beautifully designed psychological trick. When you reach out to her and give your number to her, She feels trust in you.

This will make her think that she is special to you and of course she might give her's too.

7. What If She Doesn't Give You Her Number?

Look this is a modern age we are currently living in. So even if you are the ugliest man on earth, chances are she will still talk to you on Instagram(unless she is a hot model with 102K followers).

So, If you gathered all your courage and somehow ask her to exchange numbers, and she says "NO" here is what it might mean:

  • You are still a stranger to her.
  • She knows that you are hitting on her, and she doesn't want it.
  • She already has a boyfriend.
  • She thinks you are not helpful at all.
  • You are both ugly and poor. (This shit happens with me all the time)
These are all the certain possibilities that can be the reason why she doesn't want you to have her phone number. And you gotta respect her decisions as well.

Here is what you should say if she says "No"

what if she says no

  • Don't argue over, If she says NO, It's a NO for now.
  • Say something like,  "It's okay, If I were you I would do the same too", haha.
  • Change the topic, immediately
  • Ask if it is okay to chat on Instagram.

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