How To Approach A Girl You Like: A Guide For Beginners

As a 28-year old guy, I can say that "Women are easy to approach" and I am not that good looking. Nor I am a rich guy. So what's the trick? My style? My dressing sense? Confidence?

Looking back at others, It is getting harder for shy, introverted and secluded guys to approach a girl that they love.

Are you the
  • Shy
  • Introverted
  • Not that Tom Cruise looking, guy
  • Unimportant
guy, no one knows you of? If YES you are in the very right place where you are going to learn to approach and talk with any girl in any possible conditions.

a) How To Approach A Girl Online

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Come on it's 2019, who's not online anymore? Even my 89-year-old grandma has 2451 Followers on her Instagram. If you like a girl first thing you need to do is check whether she is on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

But, You already know this. You found that cute girl you see every day on the way. What's next?

Here are 5 ways to approach a girl on Facebook, Instagram (through text)

1. Set Up Your Profile Before Texting Her

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Before you text her online, Make sure
  • You have a proper profile picture
  • You have your id on your real name
  • Your id looks appealing and professional
  • Your id have a short bio about yourself

See, Most of the time, This is what men make their first and biggest mistake. Just because you know her, You shouldn't expect the same for her. If your ID doesn't meet these standards you are making a big mistake.

  1. Start with a good profile picture (ask your mum to choose one, they are good at this)
  2. Add a short and informative bio about you. (Don't write stupid stuff, please)
  3. Add your educational information
  4. Add what skills you have (like programmer, athlete, swimmer)
and you are ready to go!

2. Send A Friend Request And Wait 

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You did all you could possibly do to approach her, Alright? Now send her a friend request and wait for her response.

Here is what can possibly be going to happen
  1. She accepts the request
  2. She ignores you.
and the truth is most of the time women tend to ignore random or unknown friend requests. So what's next?

Here is the trick: Scroll through her posts and like or react on one of her cutest photos.

Don't overdo this too much(unless you want to end up looking like some random pervert), Just react on one or two of them and wait for her to respond. I've been doing this since my high school days and It magically works most of the time.

If she approves your follow request you can move to the next tip. If you don't seem to get her attention even after my special trick. You need to approach her personally.

3. Text Her Hello First 

After she accepts your friend request on facebook or approves your follow request, She will try to find out about you and try to remember whether she already knows you.

If she is insanely curious she is definitely going to text you first:
Hey,  Do I know you?
But this is what you have to avoid. Text her first.

Here are some tips on texting her
  • Start with a HI
  • Don't send too many messages
  • Don't act desperate
  • Say her name in the texts
  • If she doesn't recognize you, Tell her about yourself and where did you see her.


4. Make Slow Progress (Dos and Don'ts For Chatting)

Believe me, No one has ever successfully approached a girl in just 2 days. It will take days and even months for you to get to know about her.

Here is what you should talk with the girl to make slow steady progress:
  • Her hobbies
  • Her favorite food
  • Her favorite songs
  • Ask her what movie she likes to watch
  • Which country she would like to visit
  • What can she cook
and the list goes on and on and on. See the trick here is to get attached slowly with her and curiously want to know about her. That will do the trick.

  • Don't immediately ask for her phone number.
  • Don't talk much about yourself. (unless she wants you to)
  • Don't bore her with your messages.
  • Don't act stupid and try to be real.
  • Don't talk about her boyfriends/ex-boyfriends. (NEVER)
  • Don't get too personal or don't ask too personal questions.

5. Make Sure She Is Interested In You 

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See, There is no point in talking with someone who is at all interested in you. You have to find out whether she is friendly with you and whether she wants to carry on the friendship with you.

But how are you going to find about whether she gives a shit about you or not?

  • Step 1: Go through all the conversations you have had in the past few days.
  • Step 2: Try to sense, curiousness from her texts. Whether she wants to know about you
  • Step 3: Has she sent you any photos? Like her dog or what food she ate?
  • Step 4: Has she ever texted you first?

There is no scientific method that can accurately tell whether a girl is interested in you or not. But you can easily sense it through the way she talks with you. It's easy once you get there.

6. Ask Her Phone Number 

Here is the main stuff and after this, you can easily handle her all by yourself. See, You have been talking to her for 4 weeks straight now. Ask her phone number.

If she gives her number without any hesitation you are most likely to get her in the next few weeks.

Know these, before asking her phone number:
  1. Ask, when you can call her.
  2. Don't always expect her to attend your call anytime.
  3. Don't disturb her, Give her priority
  4. Try to call her in the leisure time.
  5. Respect her by all means.

See that's how easy it is to approach a girl online. The trick is persistence. Don't rush, take things easily and She is all yours.

b) How To Approach A Girl In College

IF you like a girl who is in the same school or college as you, It becomes a thousand times simple to approach her. If she studies in the same class as you do, then believe me you are the luckiest guy on earth.

But how do you approach her? What's the first step? Does she have a boyfriend?

Here are some tips to approach a girl in school/college

1. Know Her Name and Do Some Research

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Unless you are "that cool funny guy" from the school, you should not approach her directly without some solid research. You can easily approach her indirectly with the above method. It's super easy if you are very introverted and a shy guy, who can't talk a few words in front of anyone.

  • look for her on social media
  • Text her Hi
  • If she already knows you, it will be easier
  • If she doesn't introduce yourself
  • Start talking

THIS IS THE INDIRECT APPROACH, but THIS WORKS like magic in 2019. No matter if your girl is from the same college, school or work, This will be the most successful approach to a girl.

2. Have Confidence To Talk To Her

Look, you can never get the girl you like without your confidence. Women find a man's "Confidence" sexier than anything. You have to show her while you approach her. 

I was an introvert once and I couldn't even dare to talk with my classmates and that's why I literally had no friends. Believe me, Introverts struggles the most. What's the point of liking a girl and not be able to talk to her? The answer is "Have your confidence"

Tips To Boost Your Confidence Level

Know that you are already dead the moment you were born. There is nothing to lose. Stop being a pu$$y. Get the girl you always liked but never dared to talk to her.

3. Find An Excuse To Talk To Her

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Well, You must have watched movies where the main character walks to a hot chick in a crowded pub and buys her a drink, then they somehow reach their apartment and start doing their stuff. I bet you have watched something like this once in your life. Yeah, That shit doesn't work in real life(unless you look like Tom Cruise)

So How do you talk to the girl? Find Excuses.

Always keep an eye on her and look for opportunities where both of you can interact. Eventually, she will start recognizing you and will become a friend of yours.

I once told this tip to one of my weirdo friends and HE SCREWED IT. The key to 100% success is not to be cringy and awkward. So act smart.


Scene: (She dropped a pen or hanky)...
You: Hey, Is this yours? I think you dropped this pen.
She: Ah Yes, This is mine. Thanks. I was looking for this all over my bag.
You: Pleasure is mine. (Smile at her)

Scene: (She missed a class)
You: Hi
She: Hey, Alan
He: You didn't come to school yesterday.
She: Yes, I was feeling sick yesterday, Had to miss classes. :(
You: I was wondering If you need yesterday's class notes? You can take these with you.
She: Ohh. Thank you very much. I will return these back to you tomorrow :)

See, there are thousands of ways to talk to a girl when she studies with the same place as you. Just try to act like a REAL GENTLEMEN and you will always find away. Help others too.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Don't try too hard.
  • If she says NO to your help, Just walk away.
  • Be real to her. Acting doesn't work.

4. Know Everything About Her, Be Her Everything

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(This is only for those, who want a serious relationship that has an enormous potential that can last forever.)

See, The problem with most of the people these days is, they don't want to know her bullshit, story or about her boyfriends. They just want to pull off that pants and get their job done. I know it's also a requirement but this is not what LOVE means.

Know her, Talk to her, ask her what she likes to eat, Know her parents, know their names, Ask her what's her if she had an ex-boyfriend, walk with her. Know these not because you are supposed to know. Have an interest. Make her feel special.

That's how you win a girl and make her your wife.

Most of you reading this might not be looking for a long-lasting relationship. That's totally fine. Just treat her good.

5. Tell Her That You Like Her

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  • Does she like you, too? 
  • Is she going to friendzone me?
  • What if she bro zoned me?
  • Or Is she going to unfriend me?

These are some most asked questions raised by millions of people in their minds. And they are terrific. These questions can be answered only by that special girl, you have been liking since months/years.

How do you express your love to a girl?

Actually, the First time telling someone you love her is the hardest thing you can do. 

I literally whispered, "I LOVE YOU" to my high school crush's ears in a parking lot. I said these words such a way that she couldn't hear it. So I had to repeat that too. (Most embarrassing moment of my life)

Don't make these mistakes, Find your own way to express your love to her. 

Even if she rejects you, Feel good because You Did What It Takes.

Avoid doing these, please

  • Don't propose her online. Don't ask why. Just don't.
  • Don't act rude, If she rejects you.
  • Don't abuse her in front of your friends, if she rejected you.
  • Don't force her, How much you loved her.
  • DON'T SUICIDE (Not Kidding)

c) How to Approach A Girl At Work

Whatever you just read, that works like a charm for 14-year-old kids as well as 67-year-old kids, who are desperate. But, What if your dreamgirl works at the same place as you do.

She works in the same office as you. She sits on the next desk of you and sometimes smiles at you. But, you still have no guts to talk to her. 

Look, literally, no woman will ever going to ask you out. Because they don't. It's a guy's responsibility to ask her out. 

A good enough approach can set you guys up for a forever lasting marriage too, Who knows.

Here is what you need to do, to approach the girl you like at work:

1. Ask A Friend To Introduce You With Her

You are a full-grown man, so it's up to you whether you want your approach like a professional or like a jack ass teenager. 

All you need to do is, find someone who can introduce you to her. That's simple. There must be someone who knows her very well. Yes, make that guy your friend and find an excuse to introduce yourself.

That's how you hunt, like a lion.

Remember that, Every woman likes confidence in a man. Show her that, and She'll fall for you instantly.

Here are some tips to remember
  • Always wear a smile on your face.
  • Don't slouch, or make weird postures
  • Give her a firm handshake and tell her your name.
  • Praise something that looks special to her.
There is no probable example for this one, as conditions will be very different in every case. So you gotta figure that thing by yourself.

Even if you are not confident, just fake it. It'll come to you eventually.

2. Help Her Out With Things

What I mean by help her is, Look for opportunities where you can give her a quick help when she needs it.

Like, ask her if she wants a coffee, or want a slice of pizza. Little things like that matter a lot.

If she has too much stuff in her hand, ask whether you can lift some to her desk.

After your job is finished and she is still working, go to her desk and ask if she needs help with something or want a candy. 

  • Hey, I am going to grab a coffee for myself, Do you need something?
  • This pizza is delicious. Take a slice.
  • Waiting for the taxi? If you don't mind I can drop you off to your home. Hop in.
  • Hey, I've got 2 tickets for the movie this Friday night. Do you want to come with me?

3. Ask Her Phone Number and Know Her Well

Once you are normal with her, start to spend more time with her. She will eventually want you to ask her number. 

As I already said, Treat her like a queen and as a king know her every bit. You are young enough to understand what I want to say.

Fine. You can refer to the tips I have already written above.

4. Give Her Hints That You Have Feelings For Her

Unless you want to end up being just her favorite best friend, You gotta hint her that you love her. She will get it.

Ask her whether she has a boyfriend or had one before. But don't venture too deep because that might hurt her feelings if she suffered before.

Look at her like, you mean her. Treat her good.

5. Propose Her

Don't express your love through text. Buy her some nice flowers or If you want to ask her for marriage, Buy a nice ring and Tell her how much you love her.

That's simple.

There is not much to talk about it. 

Which tip did you find useful? Tell your experience down below in the comments.

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