How to quit and cure mobile phone addiction instantly

Mobile phones are real blunders and in case you are wondering why these sneaky mobile phones are so hard to put down, you should know that THEY ARE designed this way to keep you engaged for a long time.

So is it just your fault then? NOT EXACTLY. The mobile companies are doing what they do best. We just have to tackle their strategy.

Did You Know: People Touch Their Phones an Average of 2,617 Times Per Day

Most people can't live without their phone. It's not just you, not just me, not just your cow-- "It's happening with almost every phone users".

Am I Addicted To Mobile Phone, Too?

 action dash statistics
  • Do you spend more than 3 hours on your mobile phone?
  • Do you have a habit of checking your phone most of the time?
  • Do you get bored instantly without looking up your phone?
  • Do you open WhatsApp all the time even when no-one is messaging you?
This is a very small questionnaire but, If your most answered answer to these questions is "YES", You are addicted to your mobile phone. That's as simple as that.


But, How Can I Stop Using My Phone?

When you go search for "How to Stop Mobile Phone Addiction" on google, there will be thousands of articles and videos which chants the same thing over and over again.

Like, Don't use the mobile phone, Uninstall social media apps, Find a hobby and blah blah blah. But you already know these.

Even my cat knows it. So does anything even works?

Do I Need A Doctor?

Yes, you need a doctor to cure your mobile phone addiction and guess you are already halfway through the doctor's remedy. 

Yes, I am your doctor and I will help you fight phone addiction. Just read the whole damn thing for god sake, please.

Step #1: Delete Apps You Are Using Most

Just like mobile phones these sneaky mobile apps and games are designed to hook you for a long time and to make you visit their product again and again.

There is only one way to stop them from playing with your mind and time. Just uninstall them.

How Can I Find Out Which Apps Are Wasting My Time?

Being aware of what you are using is definitely a good idea to find out which apps you are using most but it isn't that effective and it doesn't work too.

But the "Action Dash" app does it for you. I have been using it for a year and found it super helpful since it tells you
action dash statistics photo
  • Your screen On-time
  • Total phone usage time
  • app usage times with graphs
Use this app for a day and decide which apps need to be deleted and which needs to stay. Then you can jump to the second step.

Step #2: Avoid Infinite Scrolling Apps

Image result for social media apps

Infinite Scrolling? What is this thing? Social media applications like "Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc" use a very clever technique to hook their users for hours with this trick.

In facebook, the news feed refreshes itself and shows you the latest stuff and when you begin scrolling through the feed, you are stuck in a loop because the scrolling never ends.

But I can't Live Without Facebook!

I know, I know, you can't make a living without facebook. Why don't you try this instead?

  • Uninstall Facebook from your phone
  • Now open your browser and Log-in Facebook
  • Voila, Now use it as much as you need and then log-out from it. (Until next time)
  • Just don't get stuck again with the newsfeed. (Better don't check the newsfeed)

Bonus Tip (Hardcore Level) 
  • Unfollow all the meme pages
  • Leave meme groups
  • Try to keep your newsfeed as simple as possible
  • Like productive pages

Step #3: Block Unnecessary Notifications

Imagine being too productive and studying in your desk in a peaceful environment and then suddenly you hear a notification and when you check it says "@_playsident_ and 8 others liked your photo".

It just broke your concentration. What you need to do next?

Go to the app's settings and prevent the app from sending you any more goddamn notifications. At least you get the idea.

What about WhatsApp? How To Stop Checking WhatsApp For Texts?

how to overcome whatsapp addiction

Most of the time that irritating app that sends unwanted notifications is WhatsApp. Yes, The myth, The legend, The king of play store "WHATSAPP".

Well, I actually don't like to get distracted with my ex-GF's text messages so I turn off my Whatsapp notifications when I am working. You can do the same too.

But If you are a busy guy who needs to reply to some really important messages, Do this instead.

  • Mute in-app notifications from unimportant groups
  • Mute notifications from people you can reply later (or don't want to reply)
  • Turn off notification sound in the settings
  • Turn off "High Priority Notifications" 
and you are all set with the notification settings. Let's see what's the third step has to say.


Step #4: Use Monochrome Colour Theme

set up monochrome settings for phone
Ever wondered why the notifications are always red? Why is it red? There is a cool reason why the notifications symbol is red in color.

Our brain and emotions respond to colours. Because you are more likely to stop when you see a "Red STOP" sign than any other colours. The red colour makes our brain think "There is something important you gotta check this out, bro".

Just like that, colour determines how your emotions are going to be. And that is why app developers are remaking their logos and UI as catchy as possible.

But using monochrome display going to help you overcome mobile phone addiction in a sure way.

What's the monochrome thing you are talking about?

Monochromacy is a setting that is available in almost every ios and android mobile phones. When you enable this setting, this is what happens.

how to activate monochrome setting on redmi note 5 pro

Exactly, It makes your phone UI look like it's from the '70s.

Why Should I Enable monochrome settings, anyway? What's the point?

The monochrome setting makes your display black and white and
  • You can't be tricked with the catchy colours and "red notifications".
  • You are more likely to spend a little time on your phone
  • You will spend less time surfing Instagram
  • You will be not interested in games and p0rn.
Image result for i see this as an absolute win

How Can I Active Monochrome Mode?

  1. Go to your phone settings and then go to "Developers Option"
  2. Look for "Simulate Colour Space" which will be by default "Disabled".
  3. Tap on it and "Click on Monochromacy" and you are done!
  4. You can turn off the monochrome with the same steps.
Still confused? Watch this quick 40Second video I've made for you.

Step #5: Don't Use Your Phone In The First Hour Of The Day

You can easily identify a phone addict easily just by paying close attention to their activities when they wake up.

Most people right after they wake up use their phone lying in the bed and they'll scroll social media and look for WhatsApp messages and when they get bored they will even take their phone to the toilet.

I am 87% sure you do this too. (Well, I still do it sometimes) And here lies the fault.

Using your phone checking emails, texts and scrolling social media regularly kills your productivity down to 70% and it will eventually make you forget about your daily goals.

That's why you should not look at your phone in the first thing in the morning. (At least for 1Hour)

Some Bonus Tips To Stop Mobile Phone Addiction

  1. Avoid using the phone in the toilet.
  2. DON'T use the phone while eating.
  3. Don't keep your phone near your bed while sleeping.
  4. Turn off your phone while working/studying.
  5. Get a real calculator/alarm clock (if you want to improve your grades)
  6. Limit down your social media usage
  7. Avoid overnight charging

Final Words

Mobile phone addiction is a real threat and most of us take it for granted. It can turn into a major problem and can cause fatal mental illness if left uncured. So it is always s a good day to start fighting with it.

To be honest, Till now I am still fighting this battle and I am not completely de-addicted. So I guess we are both in this fight together.

Got any better ideas? Drop em down in the comments. Thanks for your time!

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