How To Introduce Myself In College In The First Day (Professionally)

College is a big deal right? We all end our tough high school journey and sign up for a new experience.

It doesn't matter if you were being "bullied" or being called a "nerd" when you join the college you can start things from the beginning. AND THAT IS IMPORTANT!

So the first thing you gotta do the moment you step your feet on the college campus is to impress professors and other students, and that will create an everlasting first impression for you.

How do you do that? Obviously in the college interview.

Self Introduction Format For Students

A well-represented and unique self Introduction is crucial when no one knows you. And it is the best chance you will ever get to impress people without doing anything special at all.

Here is how you do that:

1. Start With Your Name (+Greeting)

Imagine standing in front of the filled college hall with students and teachers, It's obvious to feel nervous especially when you have "fear of public speaking". Now in the microphone, you have t calm your nerves and greet everyone with a "hi or hello or hey! Guys"


  • Hi, Guys! How are you all doing
  • Hello everyone! It's Andy here.
  • Hey Guys! I am Andy.

Do's and Dont's

  • Be curious when you say the greeting. Like Hiii (You get my point right?)
  • Speak with energy and don't look dull.
  • Don't forget to smile. 
  • Most importantly don't shit yourself in the beginning.

2. Which department you are from?

As you are in college now, you will be studying some specific topics only. So you have to specifically introduce where do you actually belong. Whether you are in the college to study physics, chemistry, biology or anything, You have to add this crucial thing in your introduction.

  • ...and I am here to study Physics for the next 3 years.
  • ... I am a political science student at this wonderful college.
  • ... I was curious about electronic equipment when I was a kid, So to learn more about it I came here to study electronics to enhance my knowledge.

3. Tell them where you are from

Most of the time in the college interviews or in college freshers day, everyone might be listening to you but not everyone will be interested in you(unless you are Tom Cruise kinda guy).

So to make everyone genuinely interested in your talk, first You have to take pride in your story and you have to represent it in that way. Unless you want to end up like everyone else.

The next thing you have to talk about is to let them know where you are from and where you studied before. You can add your academic skills or awards if you have any. You can attract a lot of attention if your place is popular for something. 

Don't elaborate too much, You have to make sure your introduction is short and informative.


  • I was born and raised in Cape Town and I have studied in German International School Cape Town. I have won many awards in sports and general knowledge in there and yeah it feels good talking about home.

Getting my point? You don't have to represent your introduction as some programmed robot. Add some human touch in what you want to say. Go with the flow and you will nail the fresher's day.

Do's and Dont's

  • Don't start to explain exactly where you are from. (Cause No one gives a shit)
  • Don't flaunt your awards and achievements too much (It's rude)
  • Be specific and try to act cool.
  • Again, Don't forget to smile.

4. Don't talk about your parents and family

As I already said, "No one gives a shit about you nor they want to know about your family" unless you are in a job interview. So there is no point to talk about who is your parents, what do they do or how many cows you have.

Plus, there is a huge chance of getting roasted and getting bullied by other students if they know about your family.

So I would suggest rather not to do this. Again If you want to, It's fine.

Not an Ideal Example

  • ... and I live in a small house with my father Mr. XXX XXX who is 39 years old and my mother Mrs. XXX XXX who is 32 years old. My father is a factory worker and my mother is a housewife. and Yess I have a sister too.
How does that sound to you? 

Don't say these, Please

  • Don't talk about your pets
  • Don't talk about your weird kinds of stuff
  • Just avoid talking about things that might downgrade your reputation

5. Don't Talk About Your Grades

Look, Your school grades are only used as your "birth certificate". No job interviewer is ever going to reject your application if you got bad grades at high school(if you are a graduate).

So, Why bother telling people about your grades. This makes no sense, whatsoever. In the college interview, you may find others flaunting their high grades, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO TALK ABOUT YOUR GRADES NECESSARILY. 

If you got good grades in your high school, you can always share it with them.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't fake your grades. [Never]
  • Even if you want to, you can add 5 to your real grades.
  • Faking grades always makes people suspicious of you.

6. Your hobbies

After you introduced your name and where you are from, Your Fresher's day introduction is already half completed, which means you can stop speaking from here. But THIS IS NOT WHAT'S GOING TO IMPRESS PEOPLE.

Speak about your hobbies, what do you like or what you love to do when you are free. Yeah and don't talk about your massive p@rn collection if possible.

Be specific and talk about a few things you are really really good at, Which means avoid showing-off with skills you don't have. Getting me?


  • ...and my favorite hobbies are hiking, fishing and swimming. I love to read science fiction books a lot.
  • .... I love going for walks every evening and work on my garden. It's fascinating for me to see fruits and veggies growing.
  • .... I love reading a lot and I have a blog where I write about different stuff, which I think is a wonderful hobby for me.

Do's and Dont's

  • Be very specific about your likings. Short and simple.
  • Don't speak too highly even if you can hack a NASA satellite. Keep things simple.
  • Try to speak about things people find relatable, (Like fishing, running, etc.)
  • Try to include one very unique hobby that most people don't have  (like running triathlons)
  • Again don't forget, "They don't give a shit".

7. What do you want to achieve

Here comes the most irritating that most people usually skip because it's a little embarrassing. I mean who's gonna listen to "how you are going to be the college topper next year". Yes, you can skip this part but believe me this will help you grow your confidence level.

End your introduction with your personal goals and what you are your plans after the college days are over. This will be your only chance where you can impress some chicks with your confidence.

Your plans must be simple and you MUST LOOK CONFIDENT AS HELL unless you want to be some random douche to be laughed at. Your confidence is the key and doesn't lose it.

Say things like

  • ... My goals are simple and I am very confident about it. I will continue studying physics at an advanced level at MIT. I want to gain all the knowledge that I can possibly can. I will make sure I will never bring down our institute.
  • ...Right now my only goal is to study hard and get as much knowledge as possible. After getting good grades in college I intend to work as a banker.
  • ... After graduating from this college with good grades, I want to join the military and serve my country. 

Do's and Don'ts

  • Don't say things you can't accomplish.
  • Don't hurt other's feelings with your insensitive personal thoughts
  • Be a bit enthusiastic about your goals.
  • Don't explain a lot, else everyone will start yawning.
  • Avoid sharing personal goals.

8. Make Some Jokes

What's FUNNY? With a little bit of attention, you can easily tell that everyone likes entertainment, and mostly they are funny. A pinch of Humor is the salt you can add to your saltless introduction. Y

You don't have to start a stand-up comedy up there, all you have to do is to use some puns to make people laugh a bit and they will remember you for the rest of their life, as the "guy who made us laugh".


  • ... I am really good at coding and I can build any kind of website in a few hours. But I still can't help you to hack your girlfriend's Facebook account.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Make jokes that people can relate to
  • Don't make harsh jokes.[No Criticism]
  • Keep it short and simple
  • It's okay if no-one laughed at your joke, get to the next thing
  • Always be cool and confident
  • Remember, "They don't give a shit", there is nothing to lose

9. What Else To Add In Your Introduction?

I just hope your role call is after others. You can learn a lot from other students and add some attractive stuff from them to your introduction to make it better. This is what I call "Peer Pressure Learning" and believe me it is the best thing you can do when you are scared.

Learn from people about how to represent your self-introduction, observe their hand movements, how they speak and most importantly what are they saying.

Listen carefully and steal some from them and add to yours and Voila you are all set to nail the fresher's college interview.

One more thing to remember, you might want to notice the audience reaction to other's introduction. If the guy got a dull audience reaction or a very few people clapped, You don't need to steal anything from them.

You got my point, No need to explain anything! I know you are smart.

Creative Self Introduction Example For Students (School and College)

Here are some of the best unique and creative ways you can introduce yourself with full confidence and yes, they are short and informative:

Example 1:

Hello, Everyone.

I am Tom Cruise and I am 17 years old. I am from New York City which is one of the most expensive cities to possibly live in. I am going to study psychology in this college for the next 3 years, just hoping not to fail in the exams.

There are so many hobbies, I actually like to do in my free time but Skating and Rapping are what I love to do most.

I have written about 7 songs and they're on youtube too.

But, I have a passionate love for human interests, more than anything, That's why I am here, standing in front of you.

With my genuine curiosity to learn more about it, I think I am going to graduate from this college with good grades and I will be looking forward to becoming a psychiatrist. I am not going to quit skating and rapping anytime soon, whatsoever.

That's all about me, I will be looking forward to becoming friends with you all and I guess we are going to have a great time around here guys. Thanks for having me.

Example 2:

Hello everyone.

I am Miley Ray and I am only 16 years old. I live in Los Angeles, California with my parents and my little brother, who is 7 years old. I finished all my schooling from Loyola High School which is a very prestigious and well-reputed school in  LA.

I am here to study computer science as my major as I love computers and I  want to learn how they work and I want to build one from scratch all by myself.

Well, I didn't pass my exams (except CS) with good grades as I dedicate more time in programming and electronics. Apart from all that nerdy stuff, the only thing I like to spend my time is watching NETFLIX and chill.

I am sure, I am going to become a software engineer after passing with flying colors from this college. I am going to make this college very proud, I know it and I am definitely going to prove it soon.

That's all about me guys, and in case you are wondering, I can't hack a FB id, for god sake. Thank youuuuu.

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