Who doesn't like eating delicious foods? "Noone" Right? Everyone wants to eat something mouthwatering.

Cooking and eating different foods have been our tradition over a century now.
Everyone loves tasty food, But not all of them like to cook, Agree?

But not us:

Here in this in-depth article, we are going to talk about 12 best android games in the world.

12 Best Cooking Games For Android- (Free)

1. Cooking Joy

Cooking Joy screenshot

Cooking Joy is a perfect cooking game if you are a big fan of restaurant games, kitchen management games where you can cook and serve different dishes to your customers who are eagerly waiting for their turns.

Here is the deal:

In "Cooking Joy" you can manage different restaurants located all around the island and earn by selling food to the customers.

Interesting isn't it?

  • Download Size- 65MB
  • Ratings- 4.7/5
  • Offline

2. Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness

"Cooking madness" as you can guess from its name itself, is pure madness.

It is one of the most addictive cooking game I have played so far. 

You have to manage time effectively and cook food for your customers who will angry if you are a bit late.

It is a good cooking game where you have got levels to clear, and that's where the actual fun is.

  • Download Size- 54MB
  • Ratings- 4.7/5
  • Offline

3. Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever

Cooking fever has been awarded as the editor's choice cooking game for more than a couple of years now.

Everyone is obsessed with the cooking fever game, I still have this game on my mobile phone. Cooking fever has about 600 different foods to try out.

Yes! You heard it right:

You can make 600 different foods for your customers in your food stall, who are waiting for their turns.

  • Download Size- 66MB
  • Ratings- 4.5/5
  • Offline

4. Kitchen Craze

Kitchen Craze

Kitchen Craze is another masterpiece with about 100MB download size which can be played offline without any disturbing ads showing off.

Again, It is also an " Editor Choice" labeled game, which means the game is way too suitable for every age group.

This game has a special spot for girls as if it has been specially made for them.

Don't miss this one out!

  • Download Size- 100MB
  • Ratings- 4.6/5
  • Offline

5. Crazy Chef


The crazy chef is easy to play, addictive cooking game, where you get to cook foods and upgrade your current restaurant into a bigger one.

Just like the above games, you get a small time period to cook food for them, otherwise, they are going to be angry at your food stall and you will lose a hell lot of money.

  • Download Size- 76MB
  • Ratings- 4.7/5
  • Offline

6. Masala Express

Masala Express

Masala express is a 2D based cooking game where the foods are based on Indian origins.

If you like Indian spicy foods or want to know about Indian foods,, This is a "must play game" for you.

Again, If you are from India do check this out!

  • Download Size- 68MB
  • Ratings- 4.4/5
  • Offline

7. Food Truck Chef

Food Truck Chef

If you aren't dumb like others, You must have guessed what the game is about.

FTC is a food truck based regular game, where you travel to different cities and sell your foods to hungry people around your truck.

This is a lot of messy game than you can think, you will definitely learn about time management, after playing the good cooking game.

  • Download Size- 80MB
  • Ratings- 4.4/5
  • Offline

8. Chef Fever

Chef Fever

Chef Fever is an online cooking game which can also be played with your friends. You can help them in their business by giving them some tips and stuff.

This is not as critically tough as other game we just discussed above. Hence I would recommend this as a "cooking game for kids" as they will love playing it.

If you have a kid, this will be the perfect choice for them.

  • Download Size- 92MB
  • Ratings- 4.4/5
  • Offline/Online

9. Real Cake Maker 3D

Real Cake Maker 3D

Real cake maker is an android cooking game for kids, where they can make tasty, colorful cakes.

This cooking game comes with levels and after completing a level, you can even upload your selfie on your cake.

This is innovative!
  • Download Size- 96MB
  • Ratings- 4.4/5
  • Offline

10. My Ice Cream Truck

My Ice Cream Truck

My ice cream truck is an ice cream making game for those who are huge ice cream fans. Little customers will visit your shop with their needs.

Some of them will like red ice cream with blue sprinkles with it, So you gotta prepare the perfect ice cream for them.

The perfect ice cream game for kids!

  • Download Size- 40MB
  • Ratings- 4.4/5
  • Offline

11. Cooking In The Kitchen

Cooking In The Kitchen

This one is the literal cooking game( No you can actually cook food playing that).

Here, you will be provided with different ingredients as if in the real-life scenario, and you will have to cook the exact food with those ingredients.

This game is a bit realistic and often boring if you don't like messy games.

But hey, What's wrong in trying this one out! It's free anyway.

  • Download Size- 100MB
  • Ratings- 4.2/5
  • Offline

12. Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama

Just because this game is in the last in the list, It doesn't mean that "Cooking Mama" is the least preferred game. No, it isn't!

Cooking mama is probably the best cooking game in the world since it has almost everything a perfect cooking game needs.


You can cut vegetables just like real and prepare foods as mentioned in the level.

  • Download Size- 64MB
  • Ratings- 4.3/5
  • Offline

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