Well, There is a lot to answer in here, There is a cool application from Google called," Google Opinion Rewards" that asks you questions in the form of survey and pays after they get their answers.

Cool af, Ain't it?? It's literally FREE MONEY!!

They pay you some money for a few questions, But what can you buy with that money? How can you get more surveys from it? How to answer their questions properly?

We are going to talk about it right now, and I am going to answer all your questions regarding Google Opinion Rewards.

Let's Go!

What Can You Buy From Google Opinion Rewards Credits

Well, to simply put the answer in a nutshell," You can buy anything except, actual stuff like potato, graphics cards, and cars"

But here are some good stuff you can buy from Google Reward Opinions Credits-
  • PUBG Mobile Outfits, Royale pass 
  • Clash Of Clans diamonds
  • Literally any mobile game in-app purchases 
  • Buy paid apps & games from play store
  • Buy Youtube premium subscription
  • Pay to remove ads from any app or games
  • Buy legit music from Google Play Music
  • Buy legit Ebooks from Google Play
  • Buy or rent movies from Youtube
  • Use super chat in youtube live streams
  • Get membership from your favorite youtuber
(Note:- You can't buy a Lamborghini using Google Play Rewards)

How To Get More Surveys On Google Opinion Rewards

1. Always keep your GPS on

To get more surveys on google opinion rewards, You must have to keep your GPS on. Always!!
Since google going to track where you go, where you eat, It needs to know your activities.

So first of all turn on your GPS location On and do your stuff.

2. Use the opinion rewards App at least once a day

You must use the google opinion rewards app once a day at least for 1-2 minutes, This makes Google think, You are an active surveyor and they will eventually send you more surveys.

3. Write reviews on Google maps

I personally found this worth using. If your GPS is on, Google asks REVIEW of the experience every time you visit a new place like, restaurants, hotels, offices.

When it does ask me, I honestly put my review in stars and in phrases.

Simple isn't it.

Just do it for fun. It works like a charm.

4. Answer Surveys Honestly

I can fully assure you that, " No matter how smart you are, GOOGLE is always smarter than you". Google always thinks 100 steps forwards.

So better off, Try not to cheat Google. Once it thinks you are a fraud surveyor, you will not receive survey notifications like before.

5. Don't fake anything

As I said," Google is smarter than you think", Never fake your details to it.

Like, Don't fake about your house address, your name, or anything. It already knows you better than yourself.

They ask silly questions to gain your trust like a bait and they wait for your false response.

So, Never choose your age 19 unless you are actually 19. Never!!

6. Become a frequent traveler

I know it's silly. I meant to say, If you are a frequent traveler who travels new places more often, You are the most required guy for google to asnwer their surveys.

So, If you are one hell of a traveler, you are going to receive more surveys than anyone else. For sure.

7. Be attentive while answering surveys

Your honest opinion!! That's what Google is looking from you and are ready to pay you for your answers. Do you get that?

You have to be brutally honest with your answers,

The survey will sometime send you a youtube video thumbnail of a video you watched before and ask for your review on it in terms of stars.

So, You don't here have to put 5 stars just to keep Google happy, Just don't do it.

Give stars to that video, Just the way you felt it. If you hated it, Give  "one star" and If you liked it like hell give a "five star".

That's how simple it is to answer surveys.

How To Answer Google Survey Questions To Earn More Credits

1. Be Moderately Truthful

What I meant was, If your city doesn't have a KFC and Mc Donalds and If  they ask you, " Where do you like the food most?" 

a) KFC
b) Street food
c) Mc Donalds
d) Restaurants

You should not choose the option "a" and "c" to look rich. Because Google already knows If your city has a KFC branch or not.

2. Use your mind

Google asks surveys to satisfy their customer needs and improve their sales. Most of the surveys are quite identical sometimes and repetitive so, your answer must be moderately a true fact and it must help advertisers to sell more products.

There is no way, I can ever explain it to you, Unless you use it, YOURSELF!!

3. Remember answers

Since most of the Google surveys nowadays are repetitive and usually ask the same question quite often.

So, remember your answer where you got most credit and don't always change your answer on the same question again and again.

4. Try a new answer

There is always time for learning something new and earning some more. So for fun, you can try answering the questions with different answers to see if you are getting more credits or not.

You may not get anything at all, for some answers. So it's totally up to you.

Drop a comment below, If we have left something important to mention

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