If you are from India(Like me) you must have seen young lads out there playing PUBG Mobile as if there is nothing else to do in their life.

Namaste BTW.

About 60% Of Global PUBG Players Are Indians
Yes, people are getting mad over it, People are claiming to ban the game nationally. Even some states in India have already banned the game,.Hence you can go to jail If you are seen playing PUBG in the restricted states.


PUBG is a super addictive game and I also used to play it before. PUBG Mobile is probably making more revenue than the actual PUBG game. 

So why it is,

Why pubg us trendy in india

1.PUBGM Is Free-

I think this is the major reason why PUBGM has gained so much popularity in the mobile phone gaming industry, by crossing over 100M+ Downloads in Playstore.

People like free stuff, Don't they? 

Imagine If you had to purchase PUBGM from Playstore, How many people would buy the game?

I don't think they could have crossed 1M+ Downloads.

2. It's Large Variety Of Costumes/Avatar/Gun Skins-

If you play PUBG on your phone you must have wondered by its Large collection of Clothes. The weirder your clothes are the more reputation you get in this game.

"No one gives a shit if you are killing 13 players in every match wearing a common T-shirt and a cargo."

Costumes come prior to your skills. You must find good stuff to wear in your games to show off with your friends.

(Jokes apart) You can get almost nothing unless you pay for it. Yes, the game is not actually free.

 If you don't have fine stuff to wear in the game, You can buy fancy clothes too which will make you different than others.

(But moderately smart folks avoid buying crates to wear a fancy costume.)


Yes, You heard it right. You will be considered and treated like a KING if you pay about 11$ to buy the Royal Pass.

Buying a royal pass when you have some peasant friends in your contact is the best thing you can do to get some serious respect.

Even if you are broke af, sleeping in streets in real life and you somehow manage to buy a royal pass, You will get a special feeling of richness in the streets. Believe Me!

Here is the Fun part, The 11$ Royal Pass is valid only for one season, which makes you feel broke again when expired.

(extra moderately smart people avoid buying this too.)

4.The Realistic Weapons-

Try to remember when you played PUBGM for the first time, What was the first thing you asked your friend in the game?

"Which is the better gun, UZI or M416?"
"Give me AWM bullets"
"Pass me 60 Green ammo and 100 yellow ammo"

Obviously, It was quite a fun finding the perfect gun whole time in the game and then die like a dog in the Red Zone.

We all did it. weapons in the gamer are very realistic when compared to real life weapons. Starting from Reloading, Bullet sound, Reflections, Recoil every component is very precisely designed which makes the game addictive.

(Some smart a$$ players choose AKM over M416)

5. 4 Maps To Play With-

Back in the early release days, PUBGM had only one in-built map(Erangle), quite a big map to have fun, isn't it?

Now they have added 4 Maps in the game and you can download them separately with your choice.

  • Erangle- (Developed city, Habitable)
  • Miramar- (Deserted area, Best If you love sniping heads)
  • Sanhok- (Dense rain forest, cloudy, foggy weather with Chinese buildings)
  • Vikendi- (Snow map, Frosty snow, Beautiful in the night)
(some smart folks avoid downloading Miramar Map)

6. Attention To Details-

PUBG Mobile has got everything covered starting from realistic high-end graphics to the realistic sound effects. Every detail is taken good care in the game.

You can easily play the game with your friends talking to them and even you can talk to your enemy when they are nearby.

Seasons, weather changes randomly in the game which makes the game boring sometimes.

Again, It has the best details when compared to the other battle royal games in the market.

(Extra smart players choose low graphics to stop enemies quickly)

Is PUBGM Ever Going To Lose Its Popularity?

For now, I don't think people are going to stop playing it. The problem is "Everyone is not taking PUBG like a game" they are putting all their effort and time in an investment with no returns.

Even If you are a die-hard PUBG gamer, You must have felt butt hurt after reading this.

Believe me, PUBG Mobile is a highly addictive game and If you are spending more than an hour playing it, You probably should quit playing it.

The day when youngsters who are playing the game will find their life decisions more important than looting an airdrop, The game will certainly start losing it's trend quite fast.

(Actual Intelligent People Avoid Playing The PUBG Game)

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