Want to play PUBG Mobile on your PC ??

Here I'll show you how to play PUBG Mobile in your low-end PC efficiently. 4GB RAM, No Graphics Card, Slow Processor?? Yeah, Of course, this will run on your potato PC too.
7 Reasons Why PUBG In Phoneix Os Is Better Than TGB Emulator- Phoneix Os For PUBG Review
7 Reasons Why PUBG In Phoneix Os Is Best

You must have heard some words like Emulators, Bluestack Emulators, and stuff but let me tell you something.

I would suggest you to not to go with the Emulator.

There is another easy way to play PUBG Mobile in PC.

Simply you only need Phoenix OS which can be easily used to play PUBG Mobile on a low spec pc with good frame rates.

Why Choose Phoneix OS Instead Of Emulators-

  • Smaller in size(680MB)
  • Consumes less RAM
  • Works fine in low specs PCs
  • You can play multiple games
  • Whole new Android Experience
  • Gives high FPS(Frames per Second)
  • Runs PUBG Mobile smoothly

When I Tried Phoenix Os On My Potato PC-

I used my pc of the following Configuration-
  • Intel i3 3rd Generation 1.8Ghz Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel HD 4000 Graphics(integrated)
and I was shocked by the result it gave me. On bluestacks emulator and TGB Emulator, the PUBG Mobile game was hardly playable. I mean it was not even giving 10 FPS and it lagged a lot.

But when I used Phoneix OS to play the game it was not so much smoother but it was totally playable and unexpected. It gave me good frame rates in low settings and It quite amazed me.

Why Both Results Are Different For The Same PC??

Emulators eat off most of the RAM in your PC and because of this, you will always see the low performance while playing high-end mobile games. If you have a good high-end configuration computer you surely will not face any of the frame drops and CPU heating problems.

As my PC is a very low specified I indeed noticed the change in the results.

Go for Phoenix Os if you have a potato PC like me or if you are not amazed by the emulators.

How To Install Phoenix OS (step-by-step)-

  • First of all, you have to download the Phoenix Os Installer exe file from this link.

How to Install Phoenix Os to play PUBG Mobile
Click on the Exe Installer

  • After your download is finished, Click on the Exe File and click on the highlighted Install button to begin the installation process.

Click the Install Button
  •  After that choose your desired hard disk where you want to Phoenix OS Installed

7 Reasons Why PUBG In Phoneix Os Is Better Than TGB Emulator- Phoneix Os For PUBG Review
Choose your Drive

  •  Select the data size you want to give the OS. Remember that you can't change it further. I would suggest you give the OS 16gb data for better performance.

Final Step

  • Then Click on Install and the process will start. The installation time depends upon how much space you have allotted to the OS i.e. It will take longer to install for 16GB while for 4GB it will be lightning quick.

  • Now your PC will go into the dual boot and will show a black screen for a while so you don't have to worry about it.
  • It will take a few minutes for the first startup so keep some patience in your pocket and don't worry.

  • Now you need to log in through your g-mail id and Download the PUBG Mobile from the Play store.

  • As the Phoneix Os is just like an Android Device you can Install any game and applications you want in your PC

Try Playing PUBG Mobile using Phoenix Os and comment down your Experience with us. 
If you have any doubts regarding the process you can comment down here, We'll asnwer as soon as possible.

You can check this video to know more about this-


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