[100%] How To Stop Mobile Addiction- Legit Tricks To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction

Mobile phone addiction

 has become one of the most destructive habits among youngsters in this century. Even a 9-year kid is watching PewDiePie in his Phone. So does everyone is busy scratching their mobile screens.

Some are holding a mobile phone in one hand spending 10-12 fookin hours starring at a light screen scrolling Facebook Feed, Checking Instagram Thots, Watching PUBG Live Streams.

If you are doing any of it, Here I am here Like a superhero to rescue you.

"If you are spending more than 4 Hours starring at mobile phone, You are addicted to your Cell Phone"

I mean Just because you have a phone and have unlimited access to almost everything in the world. You should not forget that Time is what We are constantly losing every passing second.

Nowadays almost 7 out of 10 people are badly addicted to their mobile phones watching porn, playing PUBG, Scrolling Facebook Feeds and doing nothing except entertaining themselves.

The only reason why you are addicted to your phone is a dumbass guy who is holding the phone and has nothing to do in his life except avoiding life problems.

Ah- You guessed it.

Here Is How You Can Stop Mobile Addiction-

1. Monitor YourSelf. Yes, the First step towards Killing the obsession is to monitor your activities on your mobile phone.
There is an android application called "Action Dash" I use to Monitor my activities on my mobile phone. The app lets you know how many hours you are spending on which specific app on your phone.

It's important for you to know how many hours you are wasting every single day watching Mia Khalifa and How many hours you are doing something Productive with your phone.

2. Find A Hobby. Long ago when you were a kid, You still had your 16 hours to spend. I don't know about you but, Before mobile phones came into existence I used to do Sketchings and playing Cricket with my pals.
"Do the thing,you would do, If you never needed money anymore."
Nowadays this shitty mobile phone is consuming every second of your time that could be used for your own Self-Improvement. So find something productive to do in your leisure time.

There are millions of books written in the world, You might want to check those books of your choice rather than watching memes in FB.

3. Limit Your Phone Usage. Every night before going to sleep, Check your mobile usage time, this will give you an estimate about your whole day.

Say, You used your phone for 11 hours today(Extreme Level). So before going to sleep make a commitment to yourself that you will limit your phone usage to 6-7 Hours tomorrow. 

Control your guts and do your Hobby, Study for your exams or Excercise a bit or Help you mom in cooking or Clean your garden or Clean your room or Fix a broken tap.

There are lots of real problems out there which you have been constantly ignoring every single day. So don't just sit there do something "Productive".

4.Education and Entertainment. Every video you watch on YouTube, Every article you find in Google are either "Educational" or "Entertainment", Just deal with it. Nothing else exists. Like the article, you are reading right now is "Educational". But PewDiePie's Videos are not "Educational'

My point is; Know the difference between Education and Entertainment. Decide whether you want to watch and learn Black Hole videos for 2 Hours or Want to flush in your toilet without pooping(Disgusting Stuff).

Whether you want to "Netflix and chill" or want to learn "How To Create Android Streaming Apps"
"Develop a passion for learning, and you will grow until your last breath"
It's that simple. I am not saying that you should say Sayonara to the "Entertainment Stuff" but you should balance the Entertainment and Education. Give most of your time to the Educational stuff(Everyone should).

5. Delete Facebook. I don't need to tell you how addictive Facebook itself is, Do I?. Even FB's co-Founder "Sean Parker" stated that, "Facebook Was Meant To Be Addictive".

If you open its app at 12:00 PM you surely will find yourself reacting and sharing memes at 12:47 AM.

That's Why I deleted Facebook App from my Phone and Now I only use it when Necessary that too in my PC.
"If you are not paying for it, You are the product"
Facebook is indeed a helpful bond between "You" and the "rest of the world" but, This is not how it works. There are soothing distractions everywhere in social media like Facebook which alters our reality.

So Try Uninstalling the Social Media App you're using too much.

6. Stop Checking WhatsApp. Stop being a Jerk, Stop checking people's messages every time you hear a notification from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is another shitty addictive application found in almost every phone addict.

Say You found your hobby, Deleted facebook, Limited your phone usage to 4 hours and now you are working your a$$ off with full focus, Then you hear a WhatsApp notification and immediately checked it in case your girl texted. Now you are trapped in a never-ending loop and now you will say "Sayonara" to your work and start chatting sh!t with her. That's what happens with peoples

This is why I always "Turn Off the WhatsApp Notifications" to avoid lethal WhatsApp Addiction.

Learn: How To Disable Double Tick In WhatsApp and Still Use The Internet

7. Set Complicated Lock. Yes, If you have a Fingerprint sensor equipped phone, Remove the fingerprint lock first.

Set a complicated pattern lock or a lengthy key lock for your phone. This will slow down your speed to access your phone.

This will cause you frustrating to check your phone and hence you will end up being more productive at the end of the day.


Every Addiction can be killed but you have to  Work in it. Take small steps every day. Try reducing phone usage for today, Delete Social Media apps and You will see changes in a week.

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